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Reviews for Studio 1 Photography

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

No Show Photographer – This place is a scam. They are also going under the names Victoria James Photography and Expose. Since early 2011, they have moved business locations twice without a sign telling you where they are moving. Red flag!

Well I hired them for my daughter's LDS temple wedding after we supposedly won this free package from the bridal show. Funny, they called my daughter and I twice after this to repeat that we also won a package so apparently everyone "wins" a package. I fell for the con game.

I put down a substantial deposit to cover additional time and packages. On the day of my daughter's wedding, she came out of the temple and NO PHOTOGRAPHER! We called the studio and left voice mail messages. Finally Adrian (no longer with the company) called us back and told us that the photographer had broke down on the freeway and that's why he wasn't there. An hour later, still no photographer. Thank goodness my daughter had a friend there with a decent camera that took our pictures otherwise we would have had nothing.

They then tried making up for it by sending a photographer to our back yard reception. The lady was nice but gave no direction for poses and our digital camera was nicer than hers! Pitiful!

Well in short, after all was done and said ... it took 8 months AFTER the wedding to finally get the leather bound photo album we paid for. I had called and left numerous voice mail messages and sent many emails even to the owner Rebekah Smith and never got a reply from her or anyone else that works for this studio. Finally they had this nice lady Shirell respond to us via email. We were told that she did not have a phone so could not communicate by phone. After 8 months of worry and stress, we FINALLY received the photo album. By the way this album consisted of the amateur photos we got from a friend and a few good ones from the reception.

I would run far away from this studio. Even if the package was FREE, I wouldn't use them because you may end up with no pictures.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

your better off handing your cousin a camera – I was told that I won a free photography session. I went in to redeem it, and they wanted money for the free session that I won. I was told that they would work my whole wedding for $400 I agreed. Later I contacted them to add more time, there number had been disconnected and they had moved buildings and I was without a paddle. Finally I found someone who knew where there new business was. I showed up

and they acted like I never went in and met with anyone, or ever signed a contract.

I asked for a refund because I didn’t want to work with them anymore and they said All sales are final no refunds.

Which by the way they never gave me a copy of my contract.

Finally I talked to the owner who claimed I owed them more money, until I had the receipts of what I paid. They offered me a Wedding CD for only $400 more dollars.

Then out of no where I get an e mail saying my wedding was deleted from there calendar and canceled. They said they had no idea what I was talking about.

I have since called the owners cell phone which he doesn’t answer and and the studio that goes straight to voice mail. I have also e mailed the company several times with no response.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM THIS PLACE! – 0 Stars but i was forced to give one.

so before my fiance and I signed the contract they would call us every day and ask if we had a photographer, Russ Smith made us feel like the most important clients ever, that was until we paid him in full $2,000 for engagements, bridals, and wedding day coverage, you might ask why we paid in full? because he said to get that "discount" we had to pay in full we couldn't just pay a deposit.

well here I am a month later and guess what? the orgignal studio is closed. all we have is a third party number for someone who delivers messages to shirell (she has actually been the only helpful one, she managed to deliver us our engagement pictures) but russ told my fiance to not call him again, but when we signed the contract he said we could call him whenever we needed anything. so now all we have is shirell's email and that's it. no business number, no location, no nothing. so we're doing business with someone over email. HORRIBLE! so sad this is happening while planning my wedding :(

they have cause so much headache. i hope everyone keeps posting their true experiences about them so that everyone can see how they are treated.

look up their F rating on the business bureau

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Worst company ever!!! DO NOT USE THIS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO!!! – It seems to be that bad service is just the way this company handles their business! I have had one problem after another with this company! They are con- artists who talk a good game! I didn't even want to give them a rating of 1 star!!!

First, they talk smooth and make you think you are getting a stellar deal but then they say you have to pay in full to get the deal and sign a contract! Yep, they got us on this one. In our package, we got 2 photographers and a freee videographer for 10 total hours, and all the pictures on discs.

They were completely unorganized to begin with! I had someone call a few weeks after we booked saying that for $500 extra dollars we could book a videographer for our wedding. I told them we already booked one and he said oh yes I see here in your notes that you do have one.

A few days before our wedding they called to confirm everything- well, guess what- no videographer showed up on our wedding day!!! What we did get was 2 photographers who gave us no direction at all! They sat there while the bridal party and my husband and I tried to figure out poses and picture ideas. We had an amazing sunset at our reception and I had to go look for the photographers and ask them to come take pictures of us- they were eating! Luckily- some of the pictures did turn out nice!

I called the Monday after our wedding to tell them about the videographer and said I wanted a refund. Guess what- no refunds are given and they said technically, the videographer was free in the package we got but they'd give us a $500 credit. They also said I should have confirmed the videographer and that they have several other responsibilities, that it was up to me to make sure everything I ordered was confirmed!!!

We scheduled our appt to come in and view the pictures October 13, I was married September 17. When we got there they offered us water (the only nice thing they did) and then we started looking at our photos. There were over 1600 photos and the girl helping us started acting like we were keeping her there too long. We chose one 20 page photo album with I think 100 pictures in it and one print- no canvas or frame, just a print. With our $500 credit, we still had to pay $57 for these two items. We also said we wanted some editing done, but then told them nevermind when it was an additional charge for every photo we wanted fixed! We were told to expect our discs in 2 weeks and a proof of our album in 2-3 weeks.

A month after not receiving anything I called and was told they were extremely busy. We did receive our print about a month after going in but nothing else.

3 months later, I finally received our discs and more than half of the pictures weren't on there. They said their guy that burns the discs took a week off for christmas and was extremely busy with other things so I'd have to wait. It took me calling and emailing constantly for them to finally send the discs 4 months after my wedding date.

The next day after that, we finally got the proof for our album and it was horrible! For the amount of money (about $300) they were charging us for this album, it shouldn't have looked like it just was thrown together in 15 minutes- and they used the same exact picture side by side and turned colored pictures black and white that we didn't want changed. I went to an online site and used over 300 pictures in a 53 page book and spent $68. I told them we didn't want the books and yet again was told no refund is given and we could use a credit. I am still in a fight with this company. My husband and I are going in to speak with them face to face and demand a refund. I'm sure we won't get it, but letting them here what I think of them will be worth the $300+ they still owe us.

Do yourself a favor and use a different company!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Very Dishonest Company – I too would urge anyone considering this company for photography to look up all the reviews and decide for themselves. There are multiple stories on Yahoo! and Google about the dealings of Studio One Photography.

A while back, my wife went to a bridal show at the Expo Center in SLC. she entered her name into a drawing at Studio One's booth, and about a week later was called by them and told that she had won a bridal shoot, and 2 hours of photography to use on the wedding day. My wife went to their studio and they made her sign a contract.

We paid $500 for a DVD of 1/3 of the pictures taken at the bridal shoot, and they were ALL edited, making them look very artsy, and hideous in our opinions. They would not refund any money, and the owner told us that they had deleted our photos from their hard drive! which about a month later we received a DVD sent from the receptionists personal address that included the missing unedited pictures, that she sent out of the kindness of her heart, without the owner knowing!

The 2 hours of photography that we won for our wedding day; They called us 2 DAYS before the wedding and told us that a paying customer had requested a photographer at the same time, and that we would have to reschedule our wedding in order for them to be there to do the photography! We had booked them 4 months in advance to shoot photography on that day, and they called us 2 DAYS before the wedding!

Obviously we did not reschedule the wedding, we hired my cousin to shoot it, which she did a MUCH better job then the people at Studio One anyway!

So to sum it all up, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN IT! They have parts to their contract that state they can charge you fees if you are rude to the staff, which "rude" is in their discretion, and they also have parts that say you cannot write negative review about them! fortunately for us, we have the constitution that backs that!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Worst Customer Service Ever – If you are considering using this company I hope you read this entire review. The photographers are good, but if a conflict does arise the customer service is very bad. Recently I purchased a coupon from Living Social good for one 8 x 10 and 25 Christmas cards. This was the worst experience I've ever had with a business.

The first few complaints are minor but the customer service that resulted was so bad that I must mention what lead to the final situation.

1st - The times available were extremely limited. They had only a few midday appointment available for anyone trying to redeem the certificate.

2nd - They called after 7:00 PM the night before our scheduled sitting to push back the time.

3rd - At the viewing we were asked to pay an additional $14.95 for shipping. I ordered an additional $20 worth of photos and paid tax and the requested tip.

4th - When I got home and tried to select the Christmas Card I wanted online it said that I needed to pay an additional $5.00 in shipping. I was confused since I'd already paid shipping at the studio.

5th - I called the studio but they said they were too busy to attend to this customer service issue. The girl said that they would try to call me back around 4:00 PM. They never called back. I posted a message on their Facebook page stating that I'd had a bad experience and that the deal was more expensive then it appeared on the deal sites. I was hoping this might expedite them contacting me as I really wanted to get the Christmas cards ordered.

Now the bad part. The next day I called and spoke to a man who I was later informed was the manager. I asked him if he could wave the $5.00, and he started talking a mile a minute. He wanted to make me feel ashamed for calling. He said things like "You knew what you purchased when you bought it. There was no misunderstanding, you are trying to steal $5.00, you are an extortionist. People make money shipping products, and you don't want people to make a living. This is a hard economy and you are trying to hurt people." He also mocked my request and sarcastically said "maybe I should call the government and see if they will let you out of paying the sales tax too."

I tried to defend myself. I told the man that I felt like he was mistaken. I said that I'd discussed the incident with friends and family and that they seemed to see things from my point of view. I was just asking if he could wave a fee. This made him very angry, and he said I was trying to damage his reputation by telling people about the situation. His tone was very disrespectful and intimidating, multiple times throughout the conversation I stated "I'll just pay the five dollars." But it was too late, he had flown off the handle. Every time I offered to pay he responded with insults. I said "I was just trying to ask" to which he'd come back with "No you are demanding, you are an extortionist." After much abuse I finally said "this was the worst customer service I've ever had". He responded "I'm just going to cancel the order and delete your photos. I repeated that I did not want to cancel my order but he responded "I have a right to refuse service, so now you can't have any of your pictures or your christmas cards" and hung up the phone.

I tried to call and see if this business would reconsider. I do not feel like the manager deserves anyones business, but the photographer was good and I do hope they reconsider since time is precious during the holidays and I don't want to reorganize a family portrait. I also hope the manager never treats another customer this way. No one should ever be spoken to the way this man talked to me. If they will not give me the photos I hope they are honorable enough to refund the $41.32 that I paid for my photographs.

In total I paid $60.32 to be verbally assaulted.

over a year ago

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – We've had such a great time working with Russ and Rebekah Smith and their entire staff at Studio 1/Victoria James Photography! Our satisfaction was, and is their primary goal during the whole bridals/wedding photo process for our daughter. They've bent over backwards to make sure our experience was the best. Any question or concern was immediately addressed and taken care of by Russ and his team, with follow up by Rebekah. Westin is a gifted photographer, and the support staff that Russ and Rebekah have assembled is terrific. Everyone is welcoming and helpful, we always felt like we were welcomed as friends, not just as a customer. We will use their services again when the need arises, and have no hesitation referring Victoria James Photography for your special day photos.

over a year ago

Best Photography and Customer service – Studio one did my wedding, bridals and engagements and they were amazing. I had three photographers at my wedding!! They caught everything from every angle! Every person that came to the wedding had multiple shots taken of them! It was amazing to see my photos and be able to relive the night! They did an amazing job and my entire family is really impressed with the photos!! The photographers were almost invisible so I can not believe how much they got pictures of! When I wanted a photo taken one of them was right there to do it! Weston Hall was amazing, his shots are artistic and meaningful!! I can't even express how happy I am with my experience with Studio one! You hear of horror stories about photographers at weddings and it was a relief that everything went perfect for me thanks to studio one!! My price for everything I recieved was amazing and I could not have asked for more. My bridals, engagements, and wedding photos are the best photos I have seen! I have been told by many people the same thing!! Thank you so much Russ and everyone at Studio one including lindsay the receptionist for always calling me back and setting everything up! Also carly the lady I viewed my photos with and took my orders was nice and always did everything perfect! Most of all Weston was amazing at everything and truely a pleasure to have at my wedding!!

over a year ago

Wedding Photography of the Highest Standards! – As the mother of the bride, my first thought for the wedding photographer was to go with using a family member. My experience with Studio 1 made me totally glad that a professional photographer was used. Afterall, these are the most important photos and family memories of your entire life. Afterwards, when comparing the photos of Studio 1 & those taken by family members, the differences were immediately obvious. With Studio 1, you did get what you paid for. Unsurpassed quality & professionalism throughout. The phortgrapher was excellent; I think he had as much fun at the wedding as the guests did, and was very nice. His choice of shots, etc, some taken with little time to set up, was spot on. He had a nice combination of creativiity, experience and style. Very responsive to different individual's unique needs. Same experience with the rest of the staff, they were courteous and professional. They paid attention to the details of each & every shot. This team of Studio 1 was completely dedicated to making the bride, groom and family happy. If you want someone at your wedding dedicated to capturing every precious moment throughout, the talent of this team can do it. The only issue we ran in to, was that a second photographer had to be sent out at the last minute, and their office didn't call. Important shots were missed, and the ceremony was delayed. It was at this point that the owner, Russ, made it his personal responsibility to make up for this, at whatever the cost. I can assure you that not only did he make up for the mistake, he went above and beyond that to make sure the bride, groom & family were happy with the services of Studio 1. He would not allow the reputation of this business to be associated with anything but the highest standards. Overall, the team of Studio 1 Photography was well worth the cost, and we have so many exceptional photos to enjoy for the rest of our lives. If our house burns down, I'm saving those if nothing else. Bravo to Studio 1!

over a year ago

I loved my wedding photos. – My best friend's sister is getting married in August, I gave her your number :)

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