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Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Sono Bello Body Contour Center

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4 months ago

I have several experiences at SB. First, April was great but she had that contract in front of me before I even had made up my mind to do this or not. I took the $$ out of my retirement and consider this a good investment.

I am not really very much overweight, but at age 60, and being auto immune, I was not seeing any results with any diet out there no matter what it was, including exercise.

I had three procedures two weeks apart. In retrospect, I should have had my third procedure (thighs) done later. They are the hardest to heal.

I had a problem with the second garment as I was told by April that the $$ that I paid them all up front included everything. I was surprised that with no measurements or really any help choosing my garment, I actually had to buy 3 garments at about $100 a piece. Was not happy about that because I kept getting the wrong garments from the garment company. they also tried to get me to pay extra for the Arnica tablets ($25 - $3 from Costco) and Scarguard ($65 a bottle : ?)

As far as the staff and work done, I have no problems. I loved my doctor, Dr Stutman, in fact have a little crush on him, and the scrub nurses were fabulous. The follow up nurse was a bit cool, but assured me that my healing was right on schedule.

The thigh surgery was miserable, but after some time and multiple phone calls, I finally got some answers and help to make it better and it did in 3 days. I was so swollen all the way down to my feet and had no shoes to put on except slippers!

I have spent about 4 weeks in bed and in the house, not even able to do simple things around the house because I am afraid I will mess up the surgery. I have used all of the pain meds and had to have an additional prescription for pain. (low tolerance I am guessing).

I am starting some changes in my body finally, except that I scar easily and the scarguard is not really helping.I could use some advice on that if anyone out there has any advice.

All in all, I am happy with Sono Bello and their staff. I would recommend them easily. I could not believe that I would actually go thru a procedure without being asleep, but it was so much different than I thought it would be! We chatted the entire time and had good music in the background. I am just hoping that all of these lumps, bumps, injection scars all work themselves out in the time allotted. I have a big wedding next May! If in 3 months if I am not happy I will not hesitate to get anything not right re-done. I am hoping that this will not happen or be a problem.

This is not a "minor" surgery...anytime there is anything invasive, it is not minor!

Giving stars, I would give Sono Bello 5 stars and recommend them to friends.


5 months ago

Easy, easy, EASY! I've had hairstyling appointments that were more painful, time consuming and traumatic than this! From the initial interview through the actual procedure I was thoroughly satisfied with the process and the staff. It was easy to understand, it was easy to get scheduled and it was EASY to have the actual procedure. The worst part of the surgical process was the Demerol shot which really stung! I am no spring chicken (61) - I am picky and cantankerous but my expectations were realistic - look better in my clothes and that is exactly what Sono Bello did for me. As a Bariatric patient who had a gastric bypass 2 years ago, I wanted to address that one last stubborn fortress of fat - the upper abdomen. Dr. Rod was fabulous and generous with his time and attention. I was back to work in three days and really could have gone back easily after two. There was some soreness (I really wouldn't label it as pain!) but the compression garment is very comforting. I am three weeks out and although still swollen I can already fit into a size smaller pants! I can sit down without my upper belly rolling out over my pants and I feel GREAT about making this commitment to myself FOR myself. I am also Diabetic and the healing has been phenomenally easy as well! This procedure WORKS and is as close to instant as modern science can deliver. Thanks Dr. Rod, Taylor, April and Eileen! I'm thrilled.

5 months ago

From the time that I walked in the door, the staff at SonoBello was friendly, professional and attended to my every need. I walked in with the intent of having a single section of my tummy done to even out the fat above my scars. I ended up choosing to have my upper/lower abs, waist and flanks done. It has only been 10 days and the results are amazing!!

I was comfortable during the whole procedure, Dr. Desvigne was amazing! Once I came home, I rested for a couple of days and was back to work that same week. The compression garments that they provide helped with the swelling, though I am looking forward to stepping into my stage 2 garments that I purchased today.

I would do this over again!! I have no regrets, though I do wonder why I did not do this sooner. I have to tell you, I thought that at a size 14, I was too fat for lipo. I was wrong!!! I can already see that my waist is back and those annoying love handles and lower back fat are gone. That alone is worth its weight in gold!! My tummy is tightening up which is awesome.....what can I say? I am thrilled with the results! Thanks Sonobello!!

8 months ago

Be aware the building is behind other locations in the McDowell Mountain Medical (behind karate and ice skating). The girls at the front are gracious and try to make your wait comfortable. Having read many reviews, I was aware of possibles and some of what I could come across. Yes, this is a business which means they must make a profit though pushy is not what I experienced. I met with April Peck, who answered all my questions and does a good job responding to emails. She answered most, if not all of my questions and gave me the details for what to expect. Once presented with cost, I did not feel pressured into it at all. Decided to go ahead with it and will add more once complete. Getting financed was a breeze and not that expensive. We will see what the results yield after 8/7/2013. Update 08/09/2013: Procedure was done 8/7 as planned. Trouble getting the IV started (Jana - I am a very tough case) but Lisa was able to get it started immediately. They give you Xanax (Alprazolam) for anxiety, Percoset for pain, Cephalexin in case of infection pre-op Promethazine in case of nausea. I also received a shot of Demerol before it got started so I didn’t feel much. Not a huge narcotic fan so I did feel a little..strange. Needless to say, Dr. Rod is easy to work with though I did have some sensitivity in areas around the hips. Update 08/16/2013: Couple of huge issues which makes this lose a star. I was never, to my knowledge, measured for the right size to use for the compression garment. The first one provided (1st stage) was more than just snug. It felt okay for about 20 minutes then it started to feel like my right side ribs were being cracked and my right hip was being bruised. I thought this was normal for the first few days but after almost 72 hours of no sleep and being so uncomfortable, I started to look for options and suggestions. Turns out, this is the wrong size. Too much compression isn't good either so this kind of pain was not necessary. To add to that, Sono Bello ordered the 2nd stage garment for me as well and again, no measurements taken. Note, garment is VITAL to recovery. The 2nd stage was worse and can't get it on at all. I did let Patty (Practice Manager) know and she offered another garment but if this is the norm, not a good thing. The other issue is the advertisement they use for recovery is NOT ACCURATE. Recovery is rough and not as quick as they advertise. You are also VERY uncomfortable but won't know it right away. In summary, procedure went well, the people are nice and they do try to help. There are definitely some issues that need attention though. Update 08/19/2013: When I went back this past weekend, the girls in the office were extremely sympathetic and very accomodating. Ran into April as well who seemed very sympathetic and agreed with me. They provided me with 2 of the garments in 2 different sizes and let me keep the others just to try. The change in size made a HUGE, DRAMATIC difference. I did decide to sleep in the larger size because in general, they aren't the most comfortable in any form though they do provide the missing support while healing. With it off and at work, my center is very, very sore but nothing like before. I'm sure the recovery and what is experienced is based on what is done or how each person heals though for myself, I am usually a super fast heal and wind up back on my feet in 24 hours. Although all of the incisions and bruising were gone in less than 5 days, the biggest recovery concern is the stomach lining not attached from the wall (so to speak). The center of your core feels like it's missing though hurts. The garment replaces that sense of support though so if you do have it done, make sure they measure you for the garment and I highly suggest taking at least a week off of work. There are other options out there but if this place is most convenient and can assist with financing, etc then I do suggest going ahead with Sono Bello.

10 months ago

My wife and I went in for consultation. The patient care consultant, April Peck, walked us through each step. By the time she finished we were eager to sign on the dotted line. Great care, great personnel and an affordable service.

over a year ago

I had my procedure done the day after Christmas. I have always hated certain parts of my body and I finally decided to get them done. I decided to research Sonobello and give them a call to schedule a consult. I was scheduled to see Crystal in the Scottsdale office who by the way is beautiful inside and out. I absolutely love her. She explained everything in detail of what I should expect. Even though I was terrified of being awake during the procedure she still made me feel safe and reassured me I would be fine. My next appointment was to meet Dr Bevins who was also awesome. I love his sense of humor and his honesty. I love when a physicians can be honest and tell you that we as people should take better care of ourselves. Most people would be offended, but I was truly motivated. I can't wait to see him in 3 months to show him what his talk did to help me change my life. The day of my procedure I was greated by an awesome nurse who made me feel totally comfortable. I was given my meds and the procedure was done. All I remember was singing the songs on the radio with the doctor. During my post op days at home I received calls from Rachel (who is also awesome) and Dr Bevins to see how I was recovering. Sono bello has definitely changed my life and has given me back my confidence I was looking for. If you are looking for your life to be changed and to have awesome people help you do it. Sonobello is definitely the place you want to go.

over a year ago

I had a good experience with Sono Bello in Scottsdale. When I scheduled my liposuction procedure which included my upper and lower abdomen and my waist - I was very nervous.

The results I came away with are very good results. It took a few months for my slimmer figure to expose itself but it was worth the wait.

Working out at the gym and eating a sensible diet helped me to stay motivated to reclaim the figure I had in my youth.

I lost a total of five inches in my waist and three inches through my abdomen. I feel wonderful and no longer hide under baggy clothes.

If you're searching for a group of physicians to perform a liposuction procedure -- look no further than Sono Bello.

over a year ago

You will meet the best staff in Arizona! You feel like you are part of the family the second you walk in the door. Dr. Desvigne had the best personality and made me feel at ease through this procedure! I just want to hug him every time I see him! All the staff members treat you like you are family and take the best care of you! I even received phone calls, one from Dr. Desvigne and then one from my nurse, Christina to check on how I was doing! Talk about customer service! Even at my one week follow up, the staff still treated me like family and truly cared about my recovery and always asked me to call if I need anything! I love Scottsdale’s Sono Bello! I would recommend anyone to this location!!

over a year ago

I had my procedure on my belly and love handles the end of May 2012. Was somewhat nervous, but after going in that morning my mind was put to ease. Dr. Bivens was Great! Very personable, as well as the entire team at Sono Bello. Everyone made me feel comfortable and were so nice. I was never in any discomfort while having the procedure. A little pushing sensation was about all that I felt.

Upon completion and over the next week or two, I had minor complications with swelling and hardness. Nothing to be too concerned with at this point. I was concerned at first, but once I realized this sort of thing can happen it was fine. I noticed a difference around my middle immediately, despite the hardness and sensitivity. I most definitely had swelling and was lumpy from the scar tissue, but only I felt this as it was not apparent to anyone seeing my while I was dressed . After having this sort of procedure, is definitely something which must be worked at. Do not expect to have a flat stomach instantly. Simply just does not disappear without some work. Scar tissue forms around the area's after lipo. One has to be committed in trying to break this up as quickly as possible. Hardness occurred in my stomach, but also a lot of belly fat was removed. Much of the hardness has lasted several months, but is to be expected. I wish I had been more prepared and had prior knowledge of this. It would have made me feel better knowing this in advance. It was my first time ever having liposuction. Knowing what I know now, I would go through it all again, without hesitation. It's scary not knowing what to expect. I would also recommend Dr. Bivens and Sono Bello to everyone.

Had to have a second minor procedure which was complimentary and lasted about 15 minutes. It has now been five months and I am doing GREAT! Every day I look and feel better. I no longer have that roll around my middle and can actually see my abs again! In my early 50's and fat tends to build up around the middle. No matter how hard I worked out at the gym it simply would not go away. Most is gone now and I have lost over 4" around my middle. WOW!!! I was not heavy to begin with, but just didn't like the belly. Had that roll around my stomach which carried over to the sides. I feel and look so much better. People notice something different about me! And, it feels great to have my college physique back again. I still have some scar tissue along with some hardness, but now just confined to my belly. I anticipate it to be completely gone within another month or two.

Again, I cannot emphasize one has to be committed in doing something about it after having this kind of procedure. It will not just go away without effort and commitment on your part.

Thank you to Dr. Bivens and the entire staff for everything! You have all been so great to work with! I look forward to seeing you on my next visit. My last few visits I have worked with Aggie. She has been really Great to work with!

over a year ago

Had a great initial experience. A few months after I had my procedure I noticed my thighs were uneven and was scheduled for a revision. Service at this point was terrible. It was clear they did not want to deal with you if you we're happy with your first visit. I was made to wait excessively long times for the new doctor as my original doctor was no longer available (**a major red flag). And asked to re-schedule my appointments the day of. To me this was completely unacceptable. Between the time of my first appointment and my 6 month check up Sono Bello in Scottsdale had moved into a much larger office. Something I think affects their service. It seemed tone all about the money and not the client. Anyway I had my revision and it seemed fine. Though sonobello seemed not to care much about following up with me. I have since regained the "fat" that was removed. Which from my research only happened when the procedure is not done correctly. While I do not regret my decisions I would not reccommend Sono Bello to anyone!!!!!

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