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Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Lied to me several time and just want your money... – In a nutshell…

• Great experience in the beginning but ultimately felt pressured to get a dress on order. Then the nightmare began!

• Ordered dress hesitantly then canceled within 1 ½ hours. Sales assistant called the following day confirming order wasn’t placed.

• After finding a dress at another store called Jinny’s to get my deposit back and was informed of their NO REFUNDS NO EXCEPTIONS policy. I reminded them they actually didn’t order the dress. But was told that Jinny actually had placed the order and at 5 or 6 am from her home and given the manufacturer money to place the order.

• My Fiance called and they told him the same but also added that the manufacturer has pulled the fabric to make the dress and they couldn’t refund my money.

• A week later I called Jinny directly. When confronted that they didn’t order the dress she said it didn’t matter, I signed a contract and they couldn’t refund my deposit. She was adamant that I had a $610.44 store credit. So I told her that I would probably have to order a dress to resell on ebay.

• I then went in the store, told Jinny I talked with an attorney who says I should take them to small claims court, but I didn’t really have time for that. I also told her that I discovered there 9 complaints filed with the BBB and lengthy negative reviews on Yelp. She didn’t care.

• I started looking at dresses, she then came to me and asked how I was going to resolve this and I told her that she should just give me my money since the dress wasn’t ordered and there was no loss to them. She then said that she ordered the dress that night via e-mail (conflicts with it being ordered the following morning) and when they canceled the dress they were charged $250.00 by the manufacturer and were being generous by giving me the entire

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Reel You In, Then Throw You Out... – The worse bridal store in the OC! Overall they are good at getting you through the door and capturing your business, but they lack experience in what is truly important...customer service, quality, educating their customers on the process, follow-through, organization, attentiveness, and sensitivity. I do have to say that Lyn & Marina were the best two specialist to work with…they were the sweetest & kind ladies there. The owners on the other hand : Julie, Jinny & John are by far the worst at following through as promised, they are rude & insensitive...they really don't care about making the customer happy! Julie is the worst...she rolls her eyes at you (RUDE) and straight out LIES! I had bridesmaids who had their dresses ordered up to 3 sizes too big, holes in my veil, horrible, poor quality & expensive alternations, and a refund promised that was never given. Oh and don't get your alterations done there, their quality is so poor and their seamstress' are rude and most of the time don't understand what you are asking them to do. When I mentioned that I would be contacting BBB and the Small Claims Court, they said I would never win, that they deal with this all the time and they are used to it…that ought to tell you something about them! I honestly would NEVER refer anyone to shop at Jinny's Bridal! I should have stuck with Marry Me Bridal...4 of my friends have gone through Marry Me Bridal and dealt with Maria there, she is awesome and they actually walk you through the measurements/alteration process.

over a year ago

Good prices, read the fine print – I was very happy with my initial visit to try on wedding dresses. My consultant's name was Stacy (haven't seen her since, wonder where she went) and I thought she was great. She helped me find the perfect dress... and it wasn't even a style I thought I would like.

The problem came when I was measured for the dress. I tried on the sample size 10, and I was measured to fit a size 4. I lost a couple pounds by the time the dress came in, and when I tried it on for the first time, it was so small! I couldn't breathe! I was irritated that the size I was talked into buying was so small (and I had lost weight!). When I started having the alterations done, I asked for all the petticoats to be taken out from underneath the skirt... the tailor said no, that's how it is supposed to be. I explained the sample size was much bigger than my actual dress, and it was so much lighter, and I didn't want a heavy dress. She made up all these reasons why I had to leave the petticoats in the dress, and (this is my fault) I signed the paperwork to have her work on my alterations. She also tried to talk me into not hemming the bottom of the dress to save a couple hundred dollars... it was 4 inches too long! I at least argued the hemming with her, and that's when my charges got the $500 mark. My friend and mom were there too, and each kept telling the tailor she was taking the hem too high, or too low, or something was crooked... good thing they could see what I couldn't

I really wish I had thought the alterations through, and read the fine print! They make you pay in advance for all the alterations, and the fine print states there is a $50 cancellation fee. I realize it was my fault for not forcing the issue of taking out the fluffiness of the dress, but I also realized the alterations person was not listening to what I wanted my dress to look like (which was the sample I had tried on originally). I ended up canceling the second appt, and eating $50 to take the dress to my own alterations person.

I would recommend buying your dress from Jinny's if you're on a tight budget, but definitely take your dress somewhere else for alterations. I don't think alterations is their specialty. And they don't seem to be on your side when you tell them what you want. I was really bummed that they charge a cancellation fee... even after buying one of their most expensive dresses, 6 bridesmaid dresses, and the MOB dress from their location. You'd think they would cut a break for canceling alterations that would have required me to take the dress to a different tailor anyway to fix what they wouldn't.

Read before you sign!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

SoCal's witchiest bridal shop – DO NOT HAVE YOUR DRESS ALTERED HERE. The seamstress sewed the hemline completely crooked and pulled the stitching so that the altered part was rippled. She then blamed the puckering on the dress needing to be pressed. After "pressing" the entire front of the gown was still wrinkled and the hemline was noticeably puckered. I called back and Jinny told me they'd been "having trouble." Why on earth would she have given me a gown that was not properly done instead of calling me or fixing the problem? Obviously, she must have been hoping I didn't notice, or didn't have time to insist. I took my dress to someone else who had no problem sewing it correctly and pressing it flat.

Worse still, JINNY IS A TOTAL B*TCH once you've already paid your money. The website's claim about "our reputation for treating each and every bride-to-be like our daughter or good friend" is complete nonsense: she actually SCREAMED at me on the phone, told me she was too busy to answer a simple question, repeatedly talked over top of me so that I couldn't finish a sentence, and even called me names. I was stunned at her rudeness and lack of professionalism. If that is really how she would treat a daughter, her children should be taken away from her. I would certainly NOT recommend this bridal salon.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The WORST scam artists ever. – 1) Jinny's Bridal rips the designer tags out of all the dresses. If you ask who the dress is by, they won't tell you. They do this to avoid cross comparisons with other stors. THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU WHO ITS BY.

2) The associates will tell you that you look great in every dress to make a sale. Take several friends with you to critique, and do not listen to the associates feedback!!!

3) Don't believe them when they say that the dress is below retail value. In the wedding industry, there is no such thing as retail value.

4) Jinny's bridal tries to tell you stories about how you should get something called "rush shipping" just to be safe. Don't buy it. Unless you are under three months till the wedding. All you will do is cough up another 200.

5) Tell the sales associates that you ONLY want a bridal dress if that is the case and that you have everything else taken care of. Otherwise they will try to "up sell" you into buying you out of house and home.

6) Jinny's bridal tries to make you sign papers very quickly without reading fine print. Make sure you read EVERYTHING verbatim before you sign. Ask questions. DON'T feel harrassed into signing before reading. You may be signing your dress away.

7) Use your own seamstress. Jinny's bridal hires the cheapest seamstress available and charges you double so they get their own share. If you are dead set on using theirs, ask for her qualifications and see if they will provide you with a portfolio.

8) WHEN THEY MEASURE YOU, make sure that they use a VINAL measuring tape. The cotton tape gets stretched over time, and this means that you will get a measurement that is smaller then you are. Then you will have awful alterations expenses. Bring your own if they don't have one on hand.

9) When they take an accurate reading with the vinal tape, ask to see their bust chart in the back. Look and see what they write down as your measurements and make doubly sure that there is no accidental whoopsie. If they say that a size 12 is 36" (breasts) 29" (waist) 42" (hips), then look on that chart yourself to confirm that those measurements MEAN SIZE 12.

*think of how hoodwinked you could be. If you don't watch them measure you with accurate measuring tape and compare it to the designer's specific chart, they could say that YOU ARE ANY SIZE, based on the well known fact that different designers measure differently. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

10) ONLY PAY IN CHECK OR CREDIT CARD. If you can't pay in full don't pay at all. THIS GIVES YOU A RECORD. A credit card is even better because different credit beaureaus protect you. If you HAVE to pay in cash, make them hand write you a receipt. If they won't, leave immediately.

11) Report them to the better business beaureau if anything bad happens. Places like this store are the slimiest I have seen in Los Angeles. Be very careful in there.

REMEMBER> They want your money. They play dirty. They are for themselves only. I have seen several accounts of bad practice here.

I hope you have a wonderful wedding day, and I sincerely hope that this helps you leave this store without ruining your wedding day. Love to all my beautiful brides!


over a year ago

Best bridal boutique in Orange County!! – I have had a couple of excellent experiences with Jinny's Bridal, as a bride-to-be. I have also referred two of my co-workers there, and they both recently purchased their wedding gowns from Jinny.

I was first referred to Jinny's Bridal about 9 years ago by a friend who bought her wedding dress there. Although I did not end up ordering a dress because the engagement didn't work out, but when I got engaged again last year, I remembered that they had a great selection, a friendly staff and good prices. So, I went back.

I didn't just go to Jinny's though. I checked out The Dresser, Castle for Brides, Alfred Angelo, David's Bridal, Marry Me Bridal, La Soie, Mon Amie, Mariposa Bridal and a few others in LA and Riverside.

Jinny offered the best price on the designer dress that I wanted. Plus, her and her staff were so friendly and accomodating, and very knowledgable. I felt very confident ordering my wedding dress from Jinny.

I had made some changes to the original dress design and was pleasantly surprised that the additional money I paid for the changes wasn't outrageous. My dress arrived on the exact date that it was promised. Since I did the hollow-to-hem measurement, the dress fit perfectly and needed NO alterations. :)

The best part of my personal experience was the service that Jinny and her staff provided. There is a group of very friendly ladies who have been in the industry for many, many years. They know wedding dresses! I enjoyed chatting with all of them and the whole wedding-dress-buying experience was a positive one.

I would absolutely, 125%, recommend Jinny's Bridal. Like I said, I've shopped around and I've referrered two other brides to Jinny's Bridal and they've both been pleased with the selection, service and prices. In my opinion, Jinny's Bridal is the best in OC. :)

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

DO NOT let Jinny's Bridal Center work their 'MAGIC' on you! – My horrible experience with Jinny's Bridal dates back to December 2008. I still get angry just thinking about my nightmare-ish experience with them. I have no clue how they manage to stay in business.. at all. They are the rudest, saddest bunch of ladies I have encountered. I signed up for Citysearch just to write this review.

A wedding is supposed to be such a magical and wonderful experience. I'd encourage everyone that's had a horrible experience with Jinny's Bridal to report them to the BB Bureau as a business such as this shouldn't be in a business to cater to customers let alone brides-to-be!

Here's the quick version of my story:

-Ordered my dress 3 months in advance b/c I was living outside the USA at the time.

-Got the dress in time. Sales associate Julie knew I'd need alterations done 3 weeks before the wedding b/c that was when I got back to the USA.

-I wasn't happy with the alterations. After paying $420 in alterations they wanted to charge me an extra $200 to fix the straps. And they made me feel bad about it.

-Jinny tried to hard sell me a veil I was unsure I wanted.

-The whole staff was unwelcoming and unfriendly. Very self-righteous.

-They ran me out of the store crying and shaking because of how they were yelling at me.

-Plus, they humiliated me in front of my bridal party.

Don't waste your energy doing business with these people.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago


Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Spare yourself and DO NOT go to Jinny's Bridal!!! – First, the review summary is not entirely accurate. Like someone noted earlier, Jinny, who works at the shop, posted a 5 star review herself.

My experience with Jinny's bridal WAS very good until on January 6, 2009, a little more than 3 months after my wedding, I got a call from "Jim," apparently he, not Jinny, is the "owner." "Jim" was calling to accuse me of "stealing my dress" and "taking something I hadn't paid for." This is entirely NOT TRUE and talk about after the fact. Figures, after I had thrown everything away (receipts) because as far as I was concerned everything wedding related was done and gone, all my vendors were paid BEFORE the wedding, the dress was paid for BEFORE it could be altered and, definitely, before it could leave the store. Heck, I've even received my professional video and all of my photo albums already!

Anyhow, It's still up in the air as to what's going to happen. I definitely am not going to pay twice for my wedding dress. I would recommend that you stay away from this store. I thought I was getting a great deal on a wonderful dress but instead all I've ended up with is a HUGE headache. If you do purchase a dress from Jinny's be sure to pay for your dress in FULL, the first day you order it. All balances due must be made in cash. This way they can "lose the receipt" and you'll have no canceled check to prove you paid the balance. It's amazing that we had no problem forking over the first $700 and the last $450 for alterations (both were checks so we can prove those payments) but the other $400 (that we were NOT allowed to write a check for) is conveniently missing.

PLEASE be careful should you choose to purchase a dress with Jinny's Bridal. I wouldn't want anyone else to have to deal with what I've had to deal with.

My sister got married in June and got her dress from Mon Amie. I wish I would've went there. I might have paid a little bit more but I wouldn't have to deal with this awful experience three months later!

over a year ago

Great Experience - Amazing Dresses (3 times!) – I've been to Jinny's several times, but never as the bride (yet). I helped my best friend choose her gown and was there to experience/witness the straightforward quote & great service she received. I was amazed that nobody was trying to "make a sell" and just helped us with soooo many dresses. We went for her to try on dresses 3 times before the bride decided and every time the staff at Jinny's was great.

Her dress was special order and fit perfectly. The train was short, like she requested, and they did not change the cost.

After going to at LEAST 10 bridal shops, Jinny's stood out because we always had personal service with a smile. Most importantly to ME, they didn't claim every dress "looks great" or "flatters her" just because they wanted to sell a dress. Instead, they'd help us find what she was looking for. AND, the dress even arrived a couple weeks early. :o)

Oh, not to mention my friend's 2 sisters also bought their wedding gowns at Jinny's and have nothing but praise for Jinny's.

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