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White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts
White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts
White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts

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11 months ago

My name is Robert A.M.Obong. I have been part of the White Tiger family for over six years. When I started out as a White Belt at seven years old, I had no idea how much my life was going to be impacted by lessons to come and the level of commitment within me that was to flourish. Looking back, I thoroughly enjoyed attending my classes twice a week. I made many new friends while absorbing the positive teachings of the Black Belt Life Skills taught by the Masters of White Tiger. These character-building traits are patience, concentration, integrity, aspirations, cooperation, self control, perseverance, attitude, confidence and respect. Eventually, I bargained with my parents to allow me to attend classes every day. This negotiation required that I maintained academic excellence consistently for the remainder of the school year. I was very determined because earning this was the very first goal I had learned to set for myself along with trying to maintain the discipline to stay committed to White Tiger Taekwondo. With a lot of work and many late nights, I accomplished this challenge and had earned to attend classes on a daily basis.

In the beginning, attending the lower belt rank classes as a small child was very exciting for many reasons. I learned how to do kicks properly, worked on my balance and coordination, learned the beautiful art of the Poomsay, learned how to kee-yap as loud as I could, wore a uniform called a doe-boke and made new friends daily. A Poomsay is a choreographed combination of kicks, punches and blocks organized into a single form for each belt rank. Committing these movements to memory and performing it flawlessly during testing is required for each belt rank promotion. At the beginning of every class, the Masters of White Tiger discussed the discipline of the week and explained the importance of understanding its meaning and its application. I was very young then but gradually, I learned how to apply these black Belt Life Skills to daily life.

As the years passed, I experienced so much growth and change on a personal level. My path has not been without challenges. There are so many distractions that ranged from social interaction and acceptance through peers to maintaining focused on priorities. I credit my parents for their nurturing and patient spirit and the Masters of White Tiger for their consistent efforts through their teachings and constant reinforcement of the Black Belt Life skills.

Since then, I have had aspirations of achieving my third degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. That is my new goal and what I have been preparing for all these years and more intensely during the last several months. On May 18, I will be participating in the Black Belt Testing at White Tiger Taekwondo and Martial Arts. I feel very fortunate to be an intricate part of the White Tiger family.

11 months ago

I am Alex P. I am 9 years old and I live in Cary. I've got a problem... Winter is too cold for outdoor activities sometimes. The solution... White Tiger Taekwondo! It is indoor and warm. Sometimes the sparring matches get hot!!! White Tiger has great forms, self defense, kicks and testings from Korea. Not to forget the excellent instructors and masters. I have been to other Taekwondo doe-jhangs (schools) but White Tiger beat out the competitors. I highly recommend White Tiger. Who knows, maybe I'll see you there!?

over a year ago

Letter of recommendation for your son that was submitted with his Black Belt Application from his Parents:

“Although C began Taekwondo at a very young age, he practiced hard and learned so much. This has helped him tremendously with his self discipline and determination. He is developing into such a wonderful, smart, athletic boy with a great sense of humor. He has improved his patience also, I believe in relation to his participation in Taekwondo. C really wanted to participate in Taekwondo 3 years ago and promised to practice and have a positive attitude and he has kept his promise. I am so proud of him for following through with his Black Belt. I know it was not easy, but it has taught him so much.”

The letter for your daughter reads as follows:

“L has been training for 3 years with Taekwondo and she has given so much in those years, not just physically, but mentally. She is developing into a kind gentle hearted and loving person. Since starting Taekwondo, she has also been more community-orientated by donating her clothes and toys to the needy. Her character has also matured into a selfless, giving person, who always considers others’ feelings. I am so proud of all her accomplishments, big and small - from doing well in school, playing soccer exceptionally well, studying for a black belt test and all the right choices she makes in her life.”

Photos of their black belt applications being hand delivered to South Korea to be certified by the Kukkiwon were posted on the facebook page.


over a year ago

We have belonged to White Tiger since early summer 2012. I have two boys who take classes and are in the black belt club. We looked at many other TKD centers in the area (really, they are on every corner), but decided White Tiger was the place for us. After a trial summer special, we signed them both up this fall. We still enjoy coming every week and my boys don't cry and fight me when I say we are going. They are excited to put on their dobok and go.

Today we had a birthday party for one of my sons at White Tiger. It was a blast. We were allowed to invite more kids than we even knew, and it was very well coordinated and organized. Most kids hadn't been to a TKD party and really enjoyed this one - sure beats another bounce house!

I would highly recommend this school. The masters/teachers are nice, fun and know the kids. They act like they want to be there and truly enjoy the sport and teaching it. They never pushed me into the "hard sell" like many other schools we visited did, which is one of the reasons I chose them. Do they try to sell memberships? Of course, that is their business. If you think you can just take it for six months and get a black belt, than rethink the sport. They have trial memberships if you aren't sure if it's right for your kids.

Another positive is that you don't have to choose a set day of every week. Our schedules are crazy and we can't commit to one specific day each week, but at White Tiger, you take the classes each week that fit your schedule for that week. You make it work for you. That to me is priceless. I even had both my boys break an arm (NOT at TKD) and the staff worked with me to make up classes when they were healed. I think this is the best school in the area and love the staff. Thanks White Tiger!

over a year ago

Never have I been so excited to see my kids finish a black belt. 3 years, more time and money than I could ever have imagined and finally it's here. Despite the kids testing in May 2012, our 3 year contract running out in Sept 2012, we still had to attend for two extra months, at full cost, to order to have our black belt certificate signed. What a racket. My two children passed their test in May and then had to wait for the belts to be shipped from Korea (insert eye roll). Pretty sure they sell belts at Michael's. Rather than understanding the needs of my children (i.e. school and tutoring obligations), we had to fulfill these last two months at a huge inconvenience and price. Don't get me wrong, my kids have amazing balance now. But, did they develop extra discipline? No. Did they develop self worth at White Tiger? No. More confidence? No. God help them, they certainly never learned how to defend themselves. Better fitness? No. There is no possible way you could convince me to sign them for one more class. The lesson$ from White Tiger are far more lasting than the supposed mental acuity "earned" (bought) with a belt. Parents beware!!

over a year ago

I have been at White Tiger for many years and absolutely love their programs.Taekwondo is an ancient Korean martial art form that dates back to 1st century BC. In the mid-1950s, Taekwondo was introduced to the United States. In 1988 Taekwondo became the Olympic sport we have today.

Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in South Korea. Taekwondo means to kick with the foot (Tae), punch with the hand (kwon), and to follow the path of discipline (do). Altogether, Taekwondo means “The art of kicking and punching”. It was very popular in both modern and ancient Korea.

My school or Doe-jhang, is White Tiger Taekwondo, which teaches the Olympic style of Taekwondo. White Tiger teaches to of the main Korean martial arts; Taekwondo and Hapkido. We learn eye, body, and mind focus to help us learn how to kick, punch, spar, break boards, complete our choreographed forms (Poom-say), and deal with everyday situations.

We also learn about demonstrating character-building traits such as integrity, honesty, forgiveness, honor, and self-control. As you progress in the belt ranks you are expected to show these traits more and more. When you reach black belt, you must fill out a log with written examples of you demonstrating these traits.

Taekwondo doesn’t support the stereotype of angry, scary black belts being loud, doing flips, and hurting other people. The trainers and masters are very sweet and encouraging. If you don’t do something right on the first, second, or tenth try; it’s perfectly fine. Just get up and try it again.

One of the most important skills is your forms (choreographed movement combinations designed to increase power and coordination).These are very helpful if you are attacked by a group of people, and teaches you how to use your different skills in a conflict or fight. We also learn self-defense techniques. I have learned twenty- eight different techniques, as well as our self-choreographed self-defense.

In November, I will be testing for my second degree black belt. This means that I already have my first black belt, but I must test the new skills I have learned since then. I know how to count, write, and speak some Korean. I know about some history of the dynasties, flag, and belt ranks.

Before testing for any degree of black belt, we must first complete a log. This log says how many push-ups, sit-ups, miles you must run, and more including a black belt project. This project includes promoting and passing on the martial arts tradition.

Taekwondo is very beneficial to your social, mental, and physical health because it allows you to make lifelong friends, teaches you how to be disciplined and responsible, and gets physical activity all at the same time.

over a year ago

Great place to study Martial Arts – We relocated to Cary, NC the Summer of 2009 and in looking for martial arts schools to continue practicing Tae Kwon Do we visited a lot of schools in the area. We were very impressed from the beginning with White Tiger . Our children Gabriel and Giselle ( 8 year old twins) like the school and the Masters made them feel right at home. Tae Kwon Do for our family is a lifestyle, we enjoy the benefits of self improvement in body, mind and spirit. We spend time together as a family, in a family oriented environment where we got to meet great people and enjoy the benefits of staying active. We feel that with the level of professionalism and knowledge White Tiger has made a difference in our level of confidence and dedication to Martial Arts. Master Randy and her team are great and we highly recommend them.

over a year ago

I'll share my experience – When I found out I was having daughters, I rationalized that I couldn't be there to defend them their entire lives and that they would need to fend off possible future advances. I wanted to feel like they could take care of themselves, when push came to shove. Selfishly I also wanted them to love martial arts the way I did as a child. What I feared was that they would see me as pushing them too hard, and come to resent martial arts because; it was something I was forcing them into.

When the time came, it took us a while to find the right martial school for my daughter. I waited patiently, not daring to broach the subject until my oldest turned 4-5 years old. We went to several schools trying to find a right fit. I wanted a school that would really teach her how to defend herself, and not just dole out black belts Willie Nillie. Weeding out the black belt factory schools we ran across one school that nearly ended my search for the worst. Immediately upon entering the 1st school we explored, my daughter was intimidated. There was a sparring session in progress that had my daughter refusing to come out from behind me. Her nervousness and fear was a major set me back in my plans. A year later when we moved to Cary, we discovered White Tiger TKD. I was skeptical but open minded. What started to change my opinion was the Korean master’s free trial assessment of my daughter. The way he interacted with my daughter allowed her to immediately come out of her shell. Although still nervous she was willing to start, which at the time was all I was looking for.

Three months into the membership she was completely hooked. She really liked doing forms and seemed to enjoy the classes. Around the same time while watching her from the side lines, I noticed White Tiger’s Hapkido class which was being held in the next room. Over the weeks while bring my daughter to TKD practice I eventually gave into the temptation to try it out for myself. I rationalized it as a way to experience what my daughter was doing and show her that I was willing to do what I was asking her to do. But in truth the joint locks and takedowns were really cool to watch. It wasn’t long before we were both hooked.

Since then, I have learned as a parent and as a student that what you get out of the experience is exactly what you put in. When I train now, I try to train at a 110% while still having fun. My daughter and I now share a common objective, and that is to help each other attain our respective Black Belts. We give each other pointers on our techniques and at night have been known to play spar on occasion. I have pushed myself maybe unwisely at times to the point of being injured for several weeks at a time. Yet despite that, both my daughter and I are still on track with our training. At White Tiger a Black Belt, despite being recognized by Kukkiwon in South Korea, is still just the beginning of your training. Attaining it is a cool achievement. However, what was cooler was the fact that I found something I could share with my daughter.

As it stands now, I hinted to my oldest 9 year old daughter that after she had attained her belt in Tae Kwon Do she would get the option to continue training or take up another extracurricular activity of her own choosing. To my joy, her immediate response was, "Can I take Hapkido, and weapons with you when I’m done?" I know it may sound corny but in my mind, I bellowed "SCORE!" and told her calmly and happily grinning,“If that's what you want to do, off course”

Signed Insanely Proud Dad

over a year ago

Great Family Experience – I just wanted to take a moment to describe my experience at White Tiger Tkd. In 2005, I began taking Tae Kwon Do at White Tiger. It was a great experience for me then, but after 6 months, I had to take an extended time off from training for personal reasons. Fast forward to 2011, I thought that my 4 year old daughter was ready to participate in the Tiger Tots program at White Tiger. I signed her up and she loved it. After just a few weeks of taking her there, I realized how much I missed training at White Tiger and decided to re-enroll myself in Tae Kwon Do there. My daughter and I have been at White Tiger now for 5 months and I must say that it is fantastic. The Tiger Tots program with Mr. Mike is indescribable. The respect and attention that he commands from a group of 3-5 year old kids is beyond what I could have thought possible. Each class, the children learn about self confidence, respect, and perseverance while getting great exercise and loving it. As for myself, everything that I loved 6 years ago about White Tiger is still there. They have unbelievable facilities and fantastic Masters. Master Rondy is a great leader and truly has been successful in fulfilling the vision of a top notch martial arts school in a great family friendly environment. I would strongly recommend White Tiger to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to reach their full potential mentally and physically as an individual or bring the whole family and enjoy the bond that learning martial arts together can create.

over a year ago

black belt – I wanted to sign up because a friend told me about it.

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