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Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital

From The Owners of Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital

Reviews for Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital

6 months ago

I have been going to Shively Animal Clinic for about 7 years and from my experiences with my dogs and cats can highly recommend them. Yes, you will have to be patient and wait, they do not take appointments and because their prices are very fair, maybe the best in Louisville, they are VERY busy. Don't expect all the frills, bells and whistles as you will not find them here, that's not what they are about. They are about giving your pet the best possible medical care at the best possible price. I live in eastern Jefferson County and the vet that I used to go to about 2 miles from my home gouged me every chance they could, I discovered Shively Animal Clinic when my Maine Coon Cat had a urinary blockage and Goshen Animal Clinic gave me a quote of $1900+ to have the major surgery that he needed to survive. A friend of mine that owned a pet salon/kennel told me to take him to Shively, which I did. I was lucky enough to get Dr. Joyce on my first visit and my cat had the successful surgery and was hospitalized for 3.5 days and is doing great today at 13 y/ cost for everything...only $687.00! They never try to do more than necessary and have always been very caring, even though they are extremely busy and work very long hours. Needless to say, I have never gone back to Goshen Animal Clinic and happily drive the 23 miles to Shively for the great and affordable care that my pets deserve. (Something important that I should add is that they are cash/check only, NO credit cards).

12 months ago

Will never use this vet again..We have been using Shivley since 2008 and have ran into several problems. The first being that one of our Siberian Husky's popped a tendon in her toe and they said it would heal on it's own in a few weeks, here's your bill have a nice day...The tendon didn't heal and Dr. Brittany had the courage to tell us it was our fault it didn't heal....In 2011 we took Shadow in because I found a lump on her right side, vet tech felt it and said fatty tumor and took her in the back...When Shadow was returned we where again told fatty tumor nothing to worry about. Last year for their annually shots I again voiced my concern over the tumor (which had grown) again told fatty tumor nothing to worry about...This year again for their annually again voiced my concern about the lump, which had grown even larger..Was told fatty tumor. At some time in the future it may need to be removed if it starts to impair movement

So after forcing the issue they agree to surgery and send it to UK for biopsy...Took shadow in last week for stitch and drain tube removal...Was informed that she had a maglient peripheral nerve sheath tumor and that they had to take so much of the surrounding muscle out, that another operation is impossible...I was also told that "If we would have had early detection things wouldn't be this bad"...Excuse me I told you two years ago about the lump..In some ways it's a good thing it's this type of cancer "slow growing and usually doesn't Metastasis...

They did no type of screening over the last two years and try to lay the blame on me......Plus shadow refuse to walk back with the vet tech this time, which lead me to think she was rough handled during her stay, because the only other person I know she won't go around did the same thing... Ask for all of our pets (three husky's)vet records to be sent to us as we will seek out a new received only Shadows and they are incomplete, no lab report

over a year ago

Anyone that goes to Shively Animal…

Anyone that goes to Shively Animal Hospital is going to have to wait! So what. I would not put my pets in anyone hands but Shively. All the vets there care SO much about your animals. This is a business and they run it well. The counter tops are absolutely covered in rows of (see the vet), (walk backs)...etc.The parking lot is jammed all the time. There is a reason you have to wait!

I hate to say, but, there are always some of the very rudest..ignorant acting clients that treat the desk help and vets not very nice. I would have a hard time if I was there to endure that on a daily basis! The price is much lower than other vets too. Shively is packed all the time! There is a reason why!A++++++++++++

They call all the time to check on your pets that have had a rough time....they care!

over a year ago

Shively is the best!!!! – I am a previous owner of a compounding pharmacy and we made alot of meds for various vets in the area and by far when all things are considered I choose Shively over any other vet center I have dealth with. While I am not always fond of the long waits at time the treatment and advice and cost have never been incorrect. They are well-informed and they work inconnection with Purdue School of Veterinary medicine for those things they can not handle or when they want collaboration. Their place may not be glitzie but it is very functional and very cost effective and you are not paying for show and glitz just some of the best veterniary care in the area. I now work with Indiana Bulldog rescue and I am taking the fosters I have to them and have great results, plus they handle the K-9 corp from Louisville. They have to have some rules for emergencies or these guys would never get home. Most of these vets are dedicating 12+ hours per day to thier practice how many of us are willing to work tirelessly like this. some of the staff has some rough spots at times but so does McDonalds if you deal with that person. If you have a bad experience write them a letter they will address your issues. Best vet center in the area. Can't say enought great things about them and by the way the Fuchs are still there Mary Jane, Joyce, and th boys. Dr. Richard has earned his retirement. Way to go Shively!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital – Everyone in my family takes their animals - mostly dogs - to Shively. Myself included. Their prices are great. I bought a puppy from the Flea Market and brought him in for a checkup and his first set of shots, and it only cost 21 dollars. However, I'd pay anything for better service. The doctors, VTs and other staff will feed the pet owners any lie they can to avoid taking fault for something they've done wrong. And although the prices are cheap, not as cheap as they used to be, they are money hungry in other ways. My uncle has a ChowChow weighing about 100 pounds. He was hit by a car late one night, my uncle called Shively hysterical and they told him to bring his dog in. Grizz, the dog, couldnt move at all and was bleeding out of his nose and mouth. My uncle wrapped him up in a blanket and put him in the bed of his truck and when he reached Shively he backed the truck up right in front of the door. His dog was in critical condition. They pulled my uncle's records, before even considering putting the dog on a gourney but not before seeing his condition, and told him that they couldn't take his dog because he wasn't a recent customer and the dog hadn't been seen since he was 6 months old. My uncle then called me still hysterical and asked if I could come up and put the dog in my name because he couldn't afford to go anywhere else. I rushed up to the hospital and added the dog to my records. The dog was under close watch for the next couple days and they called us every hour on the hour. They got him to feeling better and luckily he survived. However, denying an animal care because their owner isn't "recent enough" is heartless! Recent enough meaning they hadn't recieved any money from him in awhile. No matter what time you come in, unless its after hours which costs about $100, you'll wait ATLEAST a good 2-3 hours. Sometimes more. The staff is very rude and the Vet Techs are trained on site. Which has led to plenty of careless but fatal mistakes. Ever since the incident with my uncle's dog I have not been back.

Pros: Cheap, Some very talented Vets

Cons: VTs trained on site, Rude Staff, Long Wait and Ridiculous Policies

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!!!!!! – If I could give this place no stars I would!! We got a new puppy on Sunday and took him and our older dog who is 4 to shively because that is were we took the dog last year for his one year rabbie shot. The wait time was around three hours to begin with, we chose to do a three year rabbie for the older dog this year for time saving reasons. When we got home after spending around 5-10 min outside playing with the new pup and older dog (Tank) we went inside and Tank starts having seizures!! Called Shively and they said to bring him back up there so we do, we also bring the puppy as well to make sure he is ok. When we get there they take Tank back and make me wait for another 5 min. Dr Rachel Cohn (?) than comes in and tries to explain to us that our dog had a seizure because he had gotten "too excited" she checked the puppy and said he had no side effects, and that a seizure is not a side effect of a vaccine!!! Just simply that somehow after 4.5 years our dog who has been in for vaccines and who is a very active and healthy dog just simply got "too excited" this time and had a seizure! We didnt believe her but we had them keep him overnight to run blood work, we went outside and called two different vet offices as we sat in the parking lot for them to tell us right away that it was a reaction to his vaccine!! When Shively called us three hours later they said Tanks blood work all came back fine he is a healthy dog and his levels are normal, we could pick him up the next day. When we go to pick Tank up they never even explain a prevention they never even ACCEPT a fault! And they tell us we have to pay for it even though it is something they clearly did!! When we told them thats fine we'll be calling our lawyers about how they mistreated our dog they call the police!! I tried to ask them for copies of his records and they dont want to give them to me, they say its their policy not to give records, I said that s not ok I need to give them to my lawyer so the girl goes back and asks again and comes back and says I have to wait 5-7 days they will mail them to me. She walks off and I stop her and say arent you going to get my address to which she replies with a laugh!!! I told her it isnt funny she messed my dog up and shes laughing about it!!! She takes down my info and I tell her ill be back for his records and shes still laughing, to which I reply to her "Im glad you thing its funny you mess my dog up and wont accept fault and you will be giving me my records to give to my lawyer!" This is the worst place EVER, their sevice was terrible and they will be hearing about it for a long time, you do NOT treat people or the animals they love in this fashion, to some people their animals are their babies! All we asked for was a ownership for what they did wrong and they could never do that!!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

No longer Dr. Fuchs clinic! – Dr. Fuchs is definitely missed. I think if he came in as a customer and was treated the way his children treat their customers I truly think he would be ashamed of them. We have been with Shively Animal Clinic for 48 years, but I am sad to say that this relationship will more than likely come to an end. I have had my final full day wait in this clinic. Again, I am embaressed to say, I checked my dog in to be seen by any one of the Fuchs - I was willing to wait - and if I had to I would let my animal go as a walk back. After three hours waiting in the car I decide to go in and see where I was in the wait. The waiting room was empty - parking lot cleared. I am told that they thought I left - my chart had a note on it saying I would be back. What the? All I asked was if I decide to go home and wait will someone call? They said yes. They assumed I had left. So, they told me I was next - I sit down to wait and 45 more minutes goes by and at least 5 to 6 persons had come in - sat down - and gone back. I got up told them to take my name off the list - I have had it - I will go somewhere else! I walked out - suddenly they are calling my name. I had to get over myself and think of my dog with her severely infected ear and go back in - and still could only have someone walk my dog back and relay what the veterinarian has to say. You know as well as I do that things get lost in translation. Why are we fueling this sort of behavior from a vet? As long as we are willing to take this from them they will continue to treat us as if we are too stupid - we must deserve this or we would not let them treat us like this.

I met someone who had worked for them not too long ago - and just chalked up her attitude as a disgruntled employee. I had been seeing the light for a while - only to be struck by lightening this time around. Dr. MaryJane and Joyce think we are total idiots! They can't be bothered by us.

I am paying you damn good hard earned money to see me and my animal - no other vet does this! After all, when you are sick and need to see the Dr. do you expect to be seen and treated by the Dr.? or, have the receptionist relay all information? We are the owner and advocate for the animal - we are the ones that will be taking care of the animal.

Too bad Dr. Fuchs Sr, thought he had to retire. He is sorely missed. There will never be another one like him.

His children lack the social skills their father had.

over a year ago

Good clinic – I have been using Shively Animal Clinic for many years. My experience has been mostly positive with a small problem in the past that Dr Mary Jane went out of her way to make right. I have a very sick dog and they have been a good source of information that has really helped me to keep her alive and well. They seem to be very good diagnosticians and don't mind if you get a second opinion for a difficult diagnosis. After having used several vets, I feel fortunate to have found Shively. The bad that come with the good....the excessive wait. They have recently raised their prices too. Still, it is worth it for the skill level of their vets and the services they offer.

over a year ago

Best place to take your pets – We live in New Albany and 13 years ago when we were referred to Shively Animal by a friend, we took our very sick new puppy there. Dr. Scott saw our dog and not only did he heal her, but she was there for several days, during which time, I was called every day a staff member and updated about her condition. Not only was the bill not nearly as much as we had anticipated, but they let us make payments-who else does that?! No one.

Since then, we've always taken our dogs there for everything ranging from shots to surgeries, etc. One night several years ago, our big puppy, Noel, managed to drag a platter of chicken off the kitchen counter that I had coooked all day and set out to cool. I walked into the kitchen and thought "What'd I do with that chicken???" She ate it. Bones and all. I called Shively Animal Hospital and it was after hours. Once again, Dr. Scott helped us out by opening the office for us, meeting us there and giving us several days worth of dog food specially to help Noel's tummy digest the bones.-all for free.

Over the years, anytime we have needed anything, they have always gone above and beyond.

This past week, we took Noel, now 13, to the animal hospital because she's been limping. Dr. Scott saw us and recommened we have x rays done simply because he didn't seem to think it was arthritis, like we believed. It was bone cancer. We were told afetr viewing x rays that we could amputate the leg, take her home and keep her on pain meds so she will be comfy and most likely just have another 2-4 weeks with her. We opted to euthanize her which was hard to say the least. The staff was very compassionate and even Dr. Scott kept unconciously reaching out to pat Noel's back or rub her belly. Our experience was as good as it can be under those circusmstances and once again, they hospital gave us the option to make payments to them by holding our checks. Yesterday we received a sympathy card from the office which was a nice touch.

Listen, as with a human ER, you are probably not going to be able to walk in and get right back. If you're a pet owner and you value that pet as a family member, simply resolve yourself to the fact that for good care, you may have to cool your heels. I've never dealt with anyone other than Dr. Scott but I've never noticed any rudeness by staff there. Random staff members even passed along condolences to us while we walked out and waited at the desk to settle our bill. Like with most other things and situations, I believe you get out of it what you put in to it. If you're rude with them, they may be rude back. They do have an extremely stressful job-I can't imagine working in a vet's office-seeing animals sick and dying every day.

We can't say enough good things about this place and regardless of bridges being opened or closed, we'll always find our way there for our furry babies sake.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The cheap price isn̢??t worth the death of a pet РI rarely do these reviews but I just really think what happened is worth others hearing about. I

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