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Bar & Club Type of Music: DJ - R&B

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Neighborhoods: Midtown, Chelsea

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Reviews for Shadow

8 months ago

Wow... seeing all these negative views about Shadow is depressing for me - I was going to go check it out for old times sake, but now I'm having second thoughts... Me and my homegirl used to be there every.. single.. weekend - back in the 90's - before kids and husbands - and we always had a blast. The crowd was diverse, the worst that happened in the reggae room is you got a contact, and the music was off the chain! You wanted to go in there dressed to impress. I guess all that's changed now.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

General Overview of Club Shadow... – A friend of mine came in from out of town and wanted to party with a certain kind of crowd and inquired about Club Shadow. I had never been to the place before so I figured, why not. First, I suggest you take the subway or get there at a decent time to park on the street. Everyone knows you can never find parking in the city. If you are willing to pay $30.00 to park at the parking garage next to the club for an hour and some change, be my guest. When you get to the the club you can either choose to stand in the ridiculously long line to get in free before midnight or $20.00 to cut the line. Of course, they hold the line at the club so you might end up paying more than you would if you cut after missing the midnight deadline. We decided to just pay the $20.00. Once inside, ladies will have their purses checked and everyone will receive a TSA pat-down, even if you barely have anything on (then you walk through the metal detector), so for those of you with the metal hip bring your medical paperwork. Once inside, you will notice there is not really anyone on the main dance-floor around midnight. The drinks are expensive (but not watered down), there is a good amount of seating that is not roped off, and there is a separate Lounge with dance-floor to the immediate left. The main dance-floor plays more music from the 90's. The age range of the crowd on the main dance-floor are late 20s-50s. It seems like their dress code is very lax, which I don't like. Men are dressed in jeans, slacks, church suits, etc. I damn near fell out when I saw a guy in an all tan plaid suit. Most of the women were dressed like they were headed to Wal-Mart or the Mall and not a club. Few were in some nice dresses and outfits, some were just not in age appropriate clothing or just all out tacky.. One women was in there in a camouflage bra and black leggings and a hat (that's all). We felt a little over put together when we got in there, but we have a lot of pride in our presentation. Anyway, for those of you who like Dancehall and Reggae, head to the Lounge. It's not very big, but it has a separate bar and the music keeps you moving. I do have to warn you, you may catch a whiff of someone burning a couple, a whiff of someone who decided to burn soap (not bathe or use deodorant). Just be prepared! It's dark as hell in the Lounge and the only light you have comes from the bar and the laser lights running all over the dance-floor and of course those patrons with their blinking mini-flashlights. This is were we partied most of the night. Other general info: There is not ATM in this club, so have cash on hand. The only bar that takes cards is the main bar when you first walk in. You cannot start a tab at the bar in the Lounge. The bartenders at the main bar were attentive and friendly. The men are a little desperate, very grabby. I had to get a little nasty with one in particular that was seemingly a little too drunk and was trying to grab me around the neck and kiss me. Horrible! The atmosphere is okay and the crowd is African-American/West-Indian. Every club is what you make it, so if you can have fun anywhere, you can do it here. Hope this helps.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

There is only one thing to do or say about the club - report:

Report to the Better Business Bureau

30 East 33rd St

New York, NY 10016

(212) 533-6200

This club always advertise get in free before 12am but what they fail to tell you is that if you are not the first 15 people online at 9:30 to 10pm you are not getting in free. I came to the club at 10:15pm and waited online until 12:05am to finally get into the club and pay 30 dollars. You would think maybe the club was crowded or there is a problem at the door but when you get to the door the is no problem and when you get inside it is almost empty except for a few people wondering the place like zombies. It

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN – They must be paying our boys in blue alot of dough not to raid this spot. I thought I would treat my husband to a night out in nyc at an adult club and heard commercials on the radio. I should have known anytime you hear so many commercials on a business they must be forcing something. Long story short besides the rude silicone built person outside on the landing this place was just the pits. We waited on line FOREVER and were well dressed unlike everyone else around us. Worst of all everyone was at least 1/2 my age with baseball caps, boots & baggie jeans. I heard so much about how good the music is --LIES LIES LIES. THE MUSIC WAS HORRIBLE. OH and the GET IN FREE IS A GIMMICK.

Outside of watching clad obese women look at my husband like their next meal, at least 3 guys trying to sell me weed, a young guy pissing in the corner, another young lady having an episode in the corner, the watered down drinks, and the rude staff inside --ANYONE WHO SAYS THIS PLACE IS MATURE MUST BE THE OWNER BEING PAID TO SAY THESE LIES ONLINE. BEWARE SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET RAPED OR SHOT IN THIS DUMP!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

shadow tuesday night boatride – This past Tuesday, July 12th, i went on the Shadow boat ride for the first time. It was interestingly terrible. Quick synopsis. Undressed full figured woman, showing more butt and gutt than anyone needs to see. Come on now full figured ladies we need to represent. I am full figured myself and took time to invest money in a sphanx. Watered down drinks and more people than dance floor, didn't even get a chance to dance, but for $5 what can I expect. Ghetto unfabulous.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Shadow On Thursday June 9, 2011 – HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! Before going to the Shadow I read the reviews on here and still thought that maybe I should go & give it a try because everyone has there own opinion. So I went to the shadow with my friends for my birthday on Thursday June 9, 2011. When we first went in we went straight to the bar & sat down where I got me free bottle of champagne that came with my birthday package. Before we all decided to go into the reggae room my friends went to the bathroom where there werent any doors instead they had curtains & they were selling flip flops for a $1. After that we went into the reggae room where my friend freaked out & ran out because some guy grabbed her ass. The guys were like wolves you had to literally beat them off with a stick. I felt like I was in a porno movie with all these guys standing around just waiting for the women to walk in so they can try to get their free feels. So we left the reggae room to go smoke outside & we met some guy that was trying to sell weed to everyone outside the club. UNBELIEVABLE! After finishing our cigarette we went back into the club & sat down on the lounge couches near the bathroom watching everyone & everything walk by from the big girls to the skinny minnies wearing anything & everything. I tell you they all looked horrible including the men. I thought I saw a actual bum in the club walking around. I dont care if your big, small, black, white, young or old just respect yourself & present yourself in a good way. Ladies if you wanna dress sexy thats fine, but do so by wearing your own clothes size. Other then that being said the music was good & the drinks were well priced. But I will never ever, ever again go to this club. Its is the worst club Ive ever been to so far. It is so Getto!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Mess – It's hard to write something nice, when often the crowd outside is a neighborhood nightmare.

Yes, the crowd is much better than the crowds coming and going from Promenade...but still LOUD and DIRTY. The customers of Shadow RUIN our neighborhood. Going in to Shadow...but when they leave they are loud, and throw garbage ALL OVER THE STREET. The street in the morning looks like a 3rd world country!

I wish Shadow would STOP passing out those flyers to customers as they are leaving! They're DRUNK and throw them EVERYWHERE, and of course the owners of Shadow are not cleaning up the street in the morning...WE HAVE TO. Not to mention the booze bottles, barf, spit, food, cigarette butts etc. It's bad enough we have to be woken up at 4 AM from LOUD drunk idiots...then wake up to GARBAGE EVERYWHERE.

SHADOW, TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! CLEAN UP and encourage your customers to be QUIET! Thank you!

over a year ago

Good and Bad thursday03/10/2011 – I am a gentleman aged 27. So i was looking for a place that plays dancehall and someone told me about shadow. I wanted to go with a lady friend and she totally discouraged me, saying the place was for old people and kinda ghetto. I went anyway, alone though. Firstly, its not grown and sexy...Its a mix really, but prodominantly kinda ghetto, i been in worse ghetto joints really. It seems like anything goes, baggy jeans, tshirts....a few people with dark shades and hoodies. Some ladies also wearing jeans, def not chic and sexy. When I got in the weather was bad so there werent many people, id dint anticipate the place to be full, but it was in no time at all. The drinks are well priced (Jack and cola was $7), no cover charge and the music excellent. The place is ghetto fabulous but the people are pretty mature and respectful. The music is great, both in the carrebean room and main dancefloor. Both DJs rock, the hip hop selection was just excellent..a mix of hits and old skool, so was the dancehall. The dancehall place got really packed and i got a hot girl, she was nice and when i wanted to buy her a drink, she refused and said she pays for her own drink, def classy. Most chics were ghetto though, and many were fat, but i dont mind. Shadow will def see my face pretty soon. Oh and the issue about old people...I didnt see any

BAD: they need to enforce dress code, hoodies aint grown and sexy.

They dont take credit cards in the cards in the carrebean room, had to walk to the main bar, this caused distractions as the hip hop was also good.

GOOD: Value for money, everything is well priced

The DJs are pure pros.

People are out to have fun and not look cute

over a year ago

A GREAT CLUB GREAT TIME – I was at the SHADOW this past saturday and it SOLD OUT right after I got in. . We are all entitled to our opinions and hopefully we are all being honest and not motivated by an agenda such as a competing club or a personal vendetta. That's not what a review page is for. This is an honest review form a 30 year old male who has gone to the shadow many times in the past few years. At 30 years old I feel i fit right in as that seems to be the average age. Everyone was well dressed and i saw no signs of any problems. In fact I've never seen any problems. The Dj's were great though the shadows carribean room was too busy for me to dance in. Someone mentioned the bathrooms? I'm not sure why as they are new and have attendents. again to each his/her own but I'm very satisfied with my experinences at the shadow. I find it clean, friendly staff, priced very fair for new york, and always always busy with attactive people. theres photos on their website SHADOWTHECLUB that look like the crowd whenever i attend. I am being honest and fair with MY opinion.

over a year ago

So, What To Say About Shadow – So, last week Thursday (it's FREE ALL NIGHT) my best friend and I went to Shadow. I'm a man, and my best friend is woman, so their's obviously two different POVs here, but we both share a general opinion of Shadow. ...This place is HILARIOUS. I mean where do I begin. I'm gonna walk you thru our entire night, and maybe you'll find it just as funny.

We got there, and b/c I had a hat, I had to pay the $2 hat check. That was no problem for me, but the guy behind me had a tantrum b/c of the fee. My friend and I cracked up laughing in his face. ...What? Look, if you're gonna complain about $2, then you should have stayed home.

Then we got in, and yes there were some gorgeous ladies in there, and I do mean GORGEOUS (one in particular that I'm dying to see again). But there was also wall-to-wall AARP members. Me and my friend couldn't help but to crack up.

We made our way to the bar, and we saw some people we knew. We greeted each other, got out drinks, peeped the scenery, and right above us was a "stripper" who we all concluded to be a man. Needless to say, we fell out once again.

After a few minutes of "bird watching", we made our way to the dance floor. I've never see such ill-fated attempts to impress a woman in my life. Now, I'm a fly dude, not bragging, just being truthful, and my friend is a fly chick, so if you're approaching her as if I'M not standing there, you better make damn sure that you're s#!t is ON POINT. From the FAKE diamonds (I wear real ones, so I can spot fakes a mile away), to run over Pradas, these dudes were hawking my friend. I mean HAWKING. One dude had the nerve to flash his watch. LMAO! After figuring out that that fraction of a time piece was actually a watch, I noticed the brand "Ice Star". For all of you guys out there who wear "Ice Star" watches, you're not fooling anyone. That watch is about as fake as a $3 bill. Of course she wasn't interested, all of the attention was back to me, and so was the attention of the few ladies surrounding us, and of course, dudes were mad. Again, instant laughter.

This is the way the night continued until we left. The ladies were enamored w/ me, the dudes were jealous, me and my friend had a ball. So, if you're looking for a good laugh, Shadow is the place to get it.

And gentlemen, I'm a flirt, so do yourself a favor, DON'T leave your girl around me, b/c if she came w/ you, there's a possiblility she's leaving w/ me.

over a year ago

You and your girlfriend are ghetto, just like the rest of that trash in the Shadow. Loser!!

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