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Reviews for Chelsea STD Clinic

Doesn't Recommend
2 months ago

Last night (Feb 14), both the intake clerk and manager at room 107 mistreated me. The clerk by being the opposite of courteous and the manager by excusing the clerk's behavior by pointing out that they were in a hurry to close - it was 6:30 and the place closes at 7. The clerk even said that she was going to hurt me! When I said: "What did she say?" they both stayed quiet. Eventually, the manager apologized for the negative experience and I accepted her apology.

I'm writing because I'm sure the director of this clinic desires continuous improvement and will want to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Both the clerk and the manager would benefit from a refresher course on polite service and principles of supervision, respectively.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

HIV results wait time – My HIV test results took over 3 weeks to come back (negative). I've never had to wait more than 4 days with other labs. Neither the clinic nor the NYC Health Department notified people waiting for results that snow and ice had somehow delayed the results.

If you go here, be prepared to spend a few hours at the clinic, and then possibly have to wait 3 weeks or more for your HIV lab to be posted, regardless of if it's positive/negative

over a year ago

Recommended only if you're dead broke – I went here on a Tues morning and waited for a total of 2 and a half hours. Most of the staff was unfriendly and unhelpful, resulting in me being even more nervous and uncomfortable than I already was. It was such a morbid vibe, too.

Basically, you walk in and fill out information about yourself, which is all put in a folder. You then go upstairs and watch vhs videos about sex that are shown in the waiting room (clearly recorded in the 80's). While I was in the waiting room, thankfully a nice man that was also waiting told me that the folders are supposed to be slipped through a window into some bin so they know you're waiting. If he had not told me, there would be no way of knowing. I'd have to wander around aimlessly and figure it out.

You then wait until your number is called to take the urine sample. The lady explained what to do, but was not specific about where to put the urine when I was finished. So when I finished my urine sample I asked her where I'm supposed to put it. She then told me to go "around the corner, make a right... you'll see it." Well, sorry, that is still pretty vague for me and I wanted my urine to go to the correct spot. So I attempted her direction and proceeded to see a few cups with samples in them. I figured that this is where I put the sample, but just to be sure, I asked another lady. At first when I said "excuse me" she ignored me. I then said "excuse me" again and she raised her voice at me, obviously knowing what I was going to ask, and said "YES, YOU PUT YOUR URINE IN ONE OF THE CUPS. I <I>KNOW</I> THE OTHER LADY TOLD YOU TO DO THAT. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME??" and as she walked away from me, she CONTINUED to rant and rave about me!! I just said something along the lines of "I WAS JUST CHECKING-SORRY!!" I mean, how RUDE! If I hadn't waited for over an hour at that point, I would have definitely left. I have too much pride to be spoken to like that.

Next was the HIV test. Don't be fooled into thinking you're next if they call the number right before yours - there is no order or rhyme or reason in which they decide to call the numbers. I think #34 was called before me (#65). I entered the room and the lady had a stone faced expression. No "hello" or any type of conversation. In fact, we hadn't spoken at all except when she asked me if I faint at the sight of needles. Next thing I know, a needle was in my arm and then my finger. I had to actually say "Is that it?" to verify that I should leave, since she still had not spoken one other word to me. I then DARED ask a question "How long do the results take?" and after sighing and acting like I'm sooo annoying for asking such a question, she said "A half hour.." There are really happy, sociable people working there, I'll tell ya. I know this is a free testing, but there is no reason to act like this.

Well, after about an hour my number wasn't called. And like I said, there's no way of knowing how far along they are, because they don't call the numbers in order. Eventually I decided to get up and wait in the hallway and an employee asked what I'm waiting for. When I told him, he just escorted me right into the room to receive my results. They probably forgot to call my number.

So basically, go here if:

1. You are ready to swallow your pride and be treated like garbage, especially if you have any type of questions or want someone to repeat themself.

2. You absolutely don't have the money to get an std/hiv test anywhere else.

over a year ago

Chelsea STD Clinic Experience – I should probably preface this review by saying I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Sad, but true. Truth be told, I was a bit paranoid and convinced that I had an STD, despite practicing safe sex--Correction, I did have unsafe oral sex twice, and in the back of my mind there was that voice that said: "you never know..." So...

I decided I would get tested at the Chelsea STD clinic, and walked over from the East Village on June 9, 2010.

I arrived at 9.30, filled out a card stamped it and waited. I was surprised to see that there were so few people waiting. I was number 36, and there were only 3 people ahead of me. My number was called, I went into the room, handed the woman my card. I told her that I wanted to be tested for HIV, and the other STDs. I was sent back out to wait, and was called into another room.

This woman wasn't so friendly. Had to give her my photo ID, she entered my info and gave me a card with an 800#, a user ID and I selected a 6 digit pin. I was told to call that number for my results in a week, and was then sent up to the 2nd floor.

I arrived on the 2nd floor, and there were at least 30 other people there. I sat down, tried to read, but was way too stressed out, so I played a few games on my iPhone. My number was called and I was greeted by a woman who said: "Hey there handsome. Come on in! How are you?" I replied: "Stresssed.' " Don't be stressed handsome. Think positively. You'll be fine." She was very funny, and cracked jokes and chatted up a storm. She even showed my pictures of her 5 year old son. She gave me a cup for a urine sample and I went back in the waiting area to be called in for blood.

A few minutes later my number was called and I went in to have blood drawn. The phlebotomist wasn't too friendly, she was very professional though. " Please sit down, I'm going to draw blood for your syphilis test. Do you faint at the sight of blood?" "No. But I don't like looking at blood." Ok. She was very gentle drew blood. I thought she was done, and turned to ask, and quickly looked away. She was not done! She then asked for my finger and said, "now I'm going to draw some blood for your rapid HIV test." Prick! Done. Back to the waiting room.

I was relieved... I would know either way... Negative or positive. At least i would know. Oddly I felt calm, and relaxed. Twenty minutes later a woman came out "number 36?!" I hopped up, "here!" She called 4 other numbers and explained that number 36 would go in first, and when number 36 left the next person would go in...

I walked in sat down, she closed the door and said: "Young man I'm here to tell you that you are HIV-" "thank you JESUS!" I yelled. She laughed, "you're thanking the right person young man." I laughed, I wanted to kiss her, but resisted the urge. She tilted the computer screen my way, and asked me to confirm my name and date of birth, and said "see you are negative." We chatted a bit, I thanked her and was on my way.

I was out of the clinic at 12.15. Total clinic time 2 hours 15 minutes.

Phoned in today for my results. punched in my user ID and got a automated response that said "the user ID number you entered in invalid." Huh? Tried to get my results on line using the same info. Same thing. I used up all of my attempts and a number popped up on my screen to phone in.

I phoned in explained the situation and "Elizabeth," very nice and professional asked for my DOB, and name. I then had to confirm my address, and she gave me my results.. the end.

All in all, despite my initial paranoia and anxiety the staff were all very professional, only 2 not so friendly, but I highly recommend that folks go to get tested. Its FREE, and its good to know. Moral of the story for me?... No more unsafe oral sex for me. Although the risk is minimal (there is some debate as to whether this is true or not) It's not worth the stress and anxiety for me personally. So I picked up a bunch of flavored condoms!

Be safe!

over a year ago

Wasn't as bad as I expected – I went today to get a STD screening and HIV test. Living only 6 blocks from the Chelsea STD Clinic I was worried about how the organization would be from the view from the outside. I even considered take a 70 block trip up to the Riverside location on 100st. But I ended up going and it wasnt that bad.

You go into the waiting room and fill out a card that has a number on it. Once your number has been called your interviewed, then you are registered, then you give a urine sample and a blood sample. HIV rapid test is done and you are given the results in a half hour.

The whole processed ended up taking two hours, but it wasn't bad at all. If you have insurance, I would say go to one of the specialty HIV company's because it will be faster and nicer. But for a free location their is nothing more you can ask for. (other than they don't test for herpes)

over a year ago

Straightforward, efficient, professional – Just came back from free non-anonymous testing for HIV and STDs at the Chelsea Health Clinic. I had tried to get tested once before, but the wait was too much, so that time I left after two hours.

This time, I got there early on a Friday morning - building opens at 8:30am, I got there at 8:35am - and everything went smoothly.

I was number three in line, and within 15minutes I had gone through two preliminary interviews and sent upstairs.

At 20minutes I was given a vial and pipette for providing a urine sample.

At 25minutes I was called to wait outside the phlebotomist's office.

At 35minutes, my bloodwork was complete and I was sent back to the waiting room for the instant HIV results which I was told would be ready in half an hour.

At exactly 1hour after walking in the building I got my HIV results, and given information for obtaining results of the other STD tests after seven business days.

Everyone I interacted with was polite, often actually nice, and extremely efficient and professional. They made sure you knew the process and gave me literature explaining everything. I doubt it would go this quickly as a rule, but if you can get in early on a weekday, you should have no hesitation about going in for testing.

over a year ago

Staff not fully focused but overall decent experience – I went to this clinic last month and you walk in any time you want it's first come first serve they give you a number and you are called out to get tested. I went on a saturday morning and I think all together waiting was an hour and a half, 2 hours. You get your HIV results in half an hour after you get the needle. The 3 other tests they offer (Chlamydia, Gonnorhea, and Syphilis) you will have to wait a week to get the results. I was negative of all the tests, but if you want to get tested for things like HPV and genital herpes you'll have to go to a doctor because no free clinic offer tests for those.


The first thing you do is fill out an application with your name and address, date of birth, ect. It's all confidential. You have to show your drivers license or some other ID. They put your information into the computer and print it out onto labels that will go onto your samples. All this information you will need to know when you call up for your std results in another week. When the woman asked me to look at the information she typed and tell her if it was all correct, I noticed she put in that my name was Marta. My name is Jacklyn! I don't know where she got that name or what she was looking at when she typed my information into the computer, but it certainly wasn't my application she was looking at. How do you even mix the name Jacklyn for Marta?

Another thing I want to point out is when you call up for your std results. They only tell you your results once and won't repeat it over the phone. The woman I spoke to was an a-hole because she accused me of putting her on speaker phone when she told me my results! I called back to talk to her manager and tell her how the woman accused me of putting her on speaker phone and how she didn't apologize and was overall nasty. Besides this the actual clinic experience was good the people working there were nice.

over a year ago

If you want free and confidential Go – Obviously going to places like these are not fun moments but I think its still important to go. It isn't a fancy doctors office, it's a free clinic, but the people there are efficient and knowledgeable. If you go on Tues or Thursday between 5-7 it's free testing and you get your results in like 20 minutes...going through the process takes a total of 1hr an a half depending on the amount of people. The staff was friendly and I would recommend anyone going. Remember it's better to know than not know! Be safe and go!

over a year ago

It gets the job done – I just got back from the Chelsea STD Clinic and I have to strongly disagree with the critical review that's posted on here. Okay, it may not be the Four Seasons but for a publicly funded facility I think it's pretty darn fantastic.

The staff was friendly and knowledgable. The whole proccess took three hours (which is fine when you consider how many people they are providing vital services to FOR FREE). I received my HIV results immediately. And I have the crucial knowledge that I am disease free. It would be a real shame if anyone considering going to this clinic chose not to because of one lousy, false review. So please, go and see for yourself. You won't regret you did.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

One of the worst experiences I've ever had – Overall terrible experience.

Responsibly, I went in to get tested. It took me hours of waiting. They told me to call back in two weeks, and after all that waiting, I call and they don't answer ALL DAY.

They lost my information. So, I wasted an entire afternoon, and still don't know if I've tested positive or negative.

Not to mention - they treat you terribly. I'm a straight white male, and they treated me like a dog. I went in feeling like a responsible adult...I left feeling like a terrible person.

Furthermore - the entire facility is dirty!

And unbelievably, the women actually laughed when I brought in my urine sample to the lab.

If I had the luxury of taking off from work, I would go down there and complain to the supervisor right now. But I can't, so I joined citysearch hoping nobody else will have to experience what I experienced that day.

Hands down, one of the worst experiences in my life


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