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Reviews for Campos & Campos Custom Tailors

over a year ago

Excellent work - but rude – Over the last 7 or so years, I have had at least 2 suits and at least a dozen pair of pants altered at Campos & Campos.

They are very good and I am always pleased with the alterations, but I am not pleased with their customer service. Apollo is rude. Late. Unapologetic if something needs to be re-done (I said they were good, not perfect), and makes you feel like its YOUR fault.

So again, I'll say it - Apollo is rude but the work is very good.

They altered at least 2 suits for me. results were excellent. He suggested alterations to parts of the suit that I wasn't even aware of needed it, but after seeing the results, he was right and the fit was greatly improved, much more so if he had done only the alterations I originally asked for.

They have hemmed jeans for me. (yes, $26 is steep, even for $100 jeans). Good results but one pair was too long and continued to drag under my heel. Apollo kevtched a lot about re-doing it even though he promised if anything was not right he would re-do.

I also brought them about 8 pairs of dress pants that had been hemmed by other tailors who had done an inconsistent job, some were too short, some were right, and some were long. Apollo fixed them and each pair was consistent with the next.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

RUDEST MAN EVER - BAD SERVICE – HORRIBLE PEOPLE! The rudest man I have ever encountered. Such an attitude from the moment I walked in the door. I was getting my dress altered and went home to try it on and it was still big in the same exact spots I asked him to take in! Then when I called to tell him, he starts ranting for 10 minutes uninterrupted about how he has never had a complaint. Honestly, I'd have no issue if he was polite and apologized and offered a solution. On top of their horrible customer service and bad tailoring they are very expensive and they do not take credit cards. PS this is my first Yelp review, I am that annoyed!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

TRIED TO CHEAT ME AND THEN ACCUSED ME OF STEALING!! – I brought two dresses to Campos & Campos for very simple tailoring and could not be more appalled by my experience. To start, the man I dealt with (Apolo Campos) was grumpy at best and the prices were surprisingly high – I have used several services in the past. Finding a good tailor is worth paying top dollar, but you should stay far away from Campos & Campos – the service and attitude of the owners is terrible and the prices are way out of line for the quality of work. I was happy to pay for good-quality tailoring on nice dresses. The problems started when I picked up my first dress. I needed it pretty quickly for a wedding so I picked up my order in two parts, getting the first dress a few days prior to the second dress being finished. Cash only is their policy, and I found out the hard way after pulling out my credit card for a $60 order and was rudely told that wouldn’t work. Ok I get it, it’s New York and I don’t expect to be coddled, but it just kept getting worse. Luckily I had $60 in cash to pay for the service. I’ll hold my ground on the fact that a company with average order sizes over $100 should take cards, but that’s another argument. Upon returning to pick up my second dress, which I was told would be $75, I was told I needed to pay $135, the full balance for both dresses. Mix ups happen, so I explained that I had already picked up and paid for the first dress. In fact, the very same guy had taken the money from me just the week before. Instead of working with me to figure out the discrepancy, he insisted I hadn’t paid him for the dress that he already let me take home! From there, it escalated with Mr. Campos becoming more angry and indignant insisting that I show him the receipt or pay him again for the work. He tried to guilt me into paying him by blatantly accusing me of taking advantage of him and his services without paying for them – even though I already had! Finally a woman in the shop intervened, only to take HIS side! She insisted that I should have kept my receipt as proof, even though they let me pay for the dress and take it home – ridiculous! It’s not my job to keep their records! They finally conceded after I was visibly upset and on the brink of tears. I paid them and left, horrified. So was it all worth it? Absolutely not, the first dress came back wrinkled and unclean. On the second dress, the straps I had paid them to adjust were completely uneven, with one strap being fastened to the back of the dress about a half an inch higher than the other when they should have been even. You can see the mistake clearly. Terrible service, complete disrespect and disregard for paying customers, and sloppy work. DO NOT USE CAMPOS AND CAMPOS, WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I recommend checking Yelp for other services in the area. Ardian’s seems to get good reviews as well as Christopher Street Cleaners and First Custom Tailor. Stay away from Campos & Campos.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

AWFUL - they almost ruined my wedding dress! – OH MY GOD they are so horrid! They almost ruined my wedding dress!

I had read in an online guide that Campos & Campos specialized in wedding alterations, so I went in to ask if they could make me a bow and a ribbon trim at the empire waistline of my cotton lace dress.

I bought the off-white ribbon myself - 4 yards of - from M&J Trimmings (super-reputable, so remember this as it becomes important later).

Apollo said that he could do the work I wanted, but there was something in his manner seemed unsure. I told him that it was okay if he didn't think he could do it - I would take it somewhere else and no harm done. He said he could do it, so I left the dress and the ribbon with him.

And this is where it gets bad.

I was told that I could pick up my dress on Monday (it seemed weird to take more than a week for a tiny bit of trim, but I didn't think too much about it at that point). When I called Monday to confirm that it was ready for pick up, whomever answered the phone asked me if I could come Tuesday. I could not, so they said to come only after 5pm. Sounded suspicious - like they hadn't actually done the work in the allotted time.

When I got there, they brought out the dress and the bow was dreadful, not what I had shown him via demonstration or drawing (I even left a drawing of exactly what I wanted).

But even worse than that, the off-white ribbon trim now had a BLACK SPOT ON THE FRONT!!!!

First Apollo argued with me that it wasn't a spot, which it obviously was. Then he said it must have been on the ribbon beforehand. This was highly unlikely- I bought it from M&J and saw them measure it out, plus there was plenty of extra ribbon to use - at least three times the amount needed.

Then Apollo said he could take off the bow, since it was sewn on separately from the trim. He took it off and tried to remove the black spot. Some of it came off, but there was still a dark smudge on the off-white ribbon trim. NOT OKAY.

Now here's the kicker: he tells me that "no one will notice" it! Um, hello, this is MY WEDDING DRESS and there is a black smudge on the chest that was not there when I brought him the dress!

He told me I didn't have to pay for it (which was the right thing to do) but then dropped it into a BROWN SHOPPING BAG. I left in shock...and then walked back in to demand he put it on a hanger and in a garment bag, which is the way I brought it to him. He reluctantly agreed.

Thankfully, my dry cleaner told me to try shout wipes before dry cleaning the dress -- and it did indeed get the spot out. But the whole thing was a NIGHTMARE.

I will never, ever go back and forget about recommending this place-unless it's to someone I really want to punish!

over a year ago

Truth is in the Finished Product – I have been using Apollo at Campos & Campos for a few years now. ( 5 years and counting)

I've worked in the fashion industry and have worked on a couture level as well as a mass market.

First YES Apollo does promise "the earth the moon and the stars"....He gives you that BUT:.....

He is Late when he finishes...he says 2 weeks..plan a month...

He says he "understands"......He will STILL forget something....

He says he can Do it...he PROBABLY can.

If he doesn't think it's going to Work for the finished product..HE WILL tell YOU.

Is He Expensive? YES.

Is the work worth ALL the hassle....

I hate to admit it.....But YES it is.

He has re-set sleeves on a Linen jacket to make it look like couture.

He has altered a pair of Jeans to make them look like they were made for me. I'm 6'3". And these were EXPENSIVE JEANS.

He has made Jackets almost from scratch for my sister that are HAUTE COUTURE level.

Think $3500 dollar Jacket for $300.

So I am MORE than willing to put up with a few flaws in service.

Anyone who has to alter a "swimsuit"? I question the fit of the swim suit to begin with.

If you are looking to hem a pair of pants? He may be more than you want to pay.

If you want a Re-Construction on something that will fit like a glove.


Flaws n All. I have tried many tailors, and he may have his faults, but his work speaks volumes.

As a client you may need to keep a receipt if you feel like he may not remember something OR write it out for him. He is a Tailor For NEW YORK CITY, not just a FEW people...Remember that when using him.

over a year ago

Fantastic tailors – These guys were recommended to me by a couturier who made some custom clothes for me, and I've been using them ever since. Recently I lost a lot of weight and had to have tons of clothes altered - mainly suits ranging from $3500 to $350.

Campos is pricey, but is also the only tailor I would trust with a top-tier designer label, to get it right. Their alterations are expensive, but perfect. And if they're working on a lesser-quality garment of mine, they aren't shy about saying "This garment isn't really worth the price of adjusting it — it will cost a lot and only look a little bit better."

I see they got a bunch of bad reviews on here, and I just had to speak up because they're one of the best places I know in the city. (Definitely better than Madame Paulette, and I think a bit cheaper.) Anyone who complains Campos & Campos is expensive hasn't been to other top-tier tailors.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

T E R R I B L E -- A V O I D AT A L L C O S T S – Completely ruined simple alterations. These guys were reviewed favorably few years ago and that's gotten to their head. Not only is the quality of the work poor, these guys are just down right DISHONEST.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

STAY AWAY FROM THIS TAILOR!!! – i am VERY dissappointed with this tailor. i brought in a brand new prada swimsuit to be SLIGHTLY altered in the bust area. i was a little unsure, since i have never had to tailor a swimsuit, but the he assured me they could do this.

a week later i came to pick up my suit, but it was not ready and he said they needed another hour. i was a little irritated since it was supposed to be finished two days prior to my arrival, but i told him i would be back later that day.

when i came back i was SHOCKED to see such a horrible job! it looked like they did the alteration in ten minutes and couldn't even be bothered to close the seams they opened. not only did they open up the seam WAY more than was necessary for the slight alteration, it looked like they did it with their eyes closed!

i told them i would not pay for this, it was unacceptable. the same tailor that agreed to the job, said he didn't have the machine needed to make the correct stitch. unbelievable! i asked him why he didn't tell me this in the first place? he knew he did a horrible job and told me not to pay him. now i have to find another tailor to fix what he messed up and i'll probably have to pay more to correct this unprofessional job.

i DO NOT recommend this tailor at all!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Really Terrible – I have almost all of my clothes tailored, so I feel like a reasonable judge of quality. That of Campos & Campos is good, I admit. I don't agree that they are great or magic, as some reviews suggest - but they are good at what they do. They are, unfortunately, really terrible at everything else. They are completely unreliable, dishonest, unfriendly and overpriced. I took in several pieces which ranged from simple (pants hemming) to complex (a restructured sport coat) and was told it would take a month. That was a bad sign. I'd been told they were expensive, but was still surprised at the $800 price tag. After a month I called them and was told to come in two weeks later. I arrived and was told my garments were in a warehouse and asked to come back a week later. This process went on for another month and a half until the 4th time I went back I finally got my clothes - minus one sweater that was to be repaired. They claimed to have never seen it. So after about 3 months, a lost sweater and $800 I got reasonably sewn tailoring. You do the math.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Careless and unprofessional – I was deeply dissatisfied with the tailoring done on a trenchcoat that I brought here to have the sleeves shortened. Two inches from the bottom of each sleeve was a mini belt encircled by three loops, which would have to be repositioned as well. I was told it would cost $55 and take two weeks, which seemed to be expensive and slow, but I figured it would result in a perfect product. Two weeks later, I went to pick up the coat and was told that it would not be ready for another day -- meaning, they had not even started on my coat.

All of the above I could tolerate, but what I found unacceptable was the finished product that I received: the belts that encircled the bottom of the sleeves had not been repositioned at the same height (there was a 1/2-inch difference), some of the loops were sewn on crookedly, and the loops were now all of different lengths. One could plainly see these errors just by looking at the coat; it was obvious that the work was done haphazardly. It was also clear that Apollo had not bothered to look at the finished product before handing it over -- or if he had, perhaps he figured I wouldn't care. But, having paid $55 and waited more than two weeks, I did care. When you complain, Apollo will say that he will fix it (after dismissing your complaints). What he doesn't understand is that when customers pay his high prices, they do not expect to have to point out to the tailor that details on sleeves should match with each other and that sloppy products should not be handed over on the theory that they will do it right only after the customer complains.

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