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Reviews for Video Only

over a year ago

It pays to be a smart consumer – I decided to try out Video Only based on a friend's recommendation. However, I approached the store warily based on the bad reviews. Here are the two "takeaways" based on my experience:

1. Their prices are the cheapest BY FAR. I spent $280 (or about 25%) less than the next cheapest price I could find, which was Amazon.

2. Do not, under any circumstances, even bother negotiating for a TV that is not in stock. Always ask first.

The negative reviews here are not completely off base. I initially negotiated a great price for a TV, only then to be told that they didn't have it. They gave me the pitch that it "should" be in within 1-2 weeks. Three weeks later, there was still no sign. When I called to inqure, they tried to upsell me. I should note that they were never rude or pushy, but it was annoying nonetheless. Finally, I decided that I has waited long enough and I went back to the store determined to either leave with a TV or a refund.

I did end up leaving with a TV. I had learned my lesson, so I made sure to ask what they had in stock before considering my options. I was only interested in a few models, and only one of them was in stock, so it came down to whether to buy it or not. The salesman offered me a fantastic price right away. It seemed like he recognized that we had already gone through a hassle and he wasn't going to make it worse, which I appreciated. In the end, I am very happy with my TV and the price I paid for it. Had I heeded some of these warnings in the first place, I also would have avoided the hassle. Outside of that debacle, the salespeople were fine. They weren't overly pushy or sleazy. They gave me plenty of time to make my decisions and didn't hover.

One recommendation that isn't really specific to this store, but is certainly applicable is to do your research before going to the store. They are salespeople and it's simply naive to think that they are going to put your interests ahead of theirs, or that they are going to understand your needs as well as you do. Yes, they should be knowledgeable, but you should know what you want and have your choices narrowed down before you go. I recommend HDguru for getting information about choosing the best size and features for your needs, and Amazon for user reviews.

In addition, viewing a TV in large store is completely different from seeing it in your living room. I ended up actually drawing different screen sizes on piece of cardboard and putting it on my tv stand to see how it really looked. It helped me stick to my guns that I didn't want to go bigger even though the TVs didn't look that big in the store, and of course, they're always willing to offer you a "great deal" on the next size up. Another thing I discovered is that all the TVs sounded horrible in the store, but mine sounds great at home. Bottom line, watching the TV is going to be a completely different experience in your home, so seeing it in the store only does so much. If you don't feel comfortable trusting user reviews, then Video Only might not be the best place to go because they only offer exchanges. No refunds.

In the end, I got a great TV at a great price. I would recommend them to a friend with the caveats that I mentioned here.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Better at making sandwiches... – I really miss the old days of Video only when they were a real high end store. After an unrelated incident with one of the employees, I really see the disturbing trend of what is happening at this store. But lets own up to some facts.

Jantzen Beach is a Ghost town. The Access to the island is the worst ever. I have heard some people go across via boat! from marine drive. In the past a separate access point was offered to the residence there. However, this seems less and less of a priority. The stores there are in the end get the shaft. But the residence there LOVE IT! It keeps crime rates low on the island. Gated communities there keep things pretty safe.

But If you ever needed something there, Forget it during rush hours or even in the middle of the day with commutes taking as long as an hour.

It is best to simply take this great shopping center for what it was & forget about the rest. It has fallen the same fate as delta park. And this is indeed a sad realization to what was once a power house of commerce and trade.

There are a few great points about Hayden Island. However, I sadly do not think that Video only is the gem that it used to be.

And it will be sorely missed.


There showroom needs to be better as far as lighting effecting the quality of the tv's there. However, I think that it is very accurate to what you will get in a home atmosphere and that is important.

Ask For Vern Clifford. at Magnolia HIFI if you really want the best shopping

(and note I did not say buying, He is there to show products, and recommend to you what fits your budget and needs in a real way. IE NOT PUSHY AT ALL!)

And if your there just to admire the big TVs that is great too! This leads to sales down the road. The people at Best Buy understand that! (Thank god!, that's why I buy there.)

If you need more high end stuff there are allot of great places in Portland to go to. However, It is hard to beat big box stores.

Final word on Video Only (except in the audio Kinda Department :-) Is still the same old adage.

Money talks.... And Bullshit walks.

Watch out for the guy that moonlights for the Subway commercials. I'd be careful to consider him to be my salesman.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Stay AWAY!! Scam! – Went there to buy a 46" LCD or plasma 1080p. Shows us some 50" on sale that are 720p and says the human eye can not really see 1080P. Then shows us a Panasonic 42" plasma 1080p and gives the #1 consumer reports pitch but we want a 50" so he takes it to the same Panasonic G15 50" and has it sold to us but then as we are all excited to get it paid for and back home we are told its not in stock and we have to pay for it today and they "think" they will be getting one in the next week or two but not sure. Now why would we pay $1049 (awesome price btw) for something they do not have in stock and don't know when they will be getting! We push him to take our name and number to call us when they come in He was very reluctant. The kid at the register tells us that when they do come in he can't gaurantee that price even if it is in a couple days and he'll throw in a HDMI cable if we pay now. unbelievable! After reading another review where he did pay $1900 and still had't gotten a VISA refund weeks later and the tv never came in! Glad we didn't get caught in the very low price, no stock pay now, no tv comes in and no refund scam!! They are worse then used car salesmen!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS RIP-OFF JOINT! – Paid $1900.00 for a 58" Panasonic V10 plasma during one of their infamous Labor Day sales at the Hayden Island store. After I paid for it, was told they were out of stock and would be in stock "next week". This went on for 6 weeks, with the same excuse each week. Called their Beaverton store and the salesman said they had one in stock to sell, and when I confornted the Hayden Island store manager with that info, was told that was a lie. I then went to Best Buy and bought the exact same plasma, as they had it in stock (and cheaper too). Went back to Video Only and "received" a refund to my credit card. 2 weeks later, its still not posted and was told by the Hayden Island manager that it will be "just another week or two" until it's processed. I've just filed a fraud complaint against them with my VISA card issuer.

over a year ago

Salespeople not as bad as expected – We had decided to stay away from Video Only because of the reviews on this site. Plus we vaguely remembered having walked into this store a few years ago and being attacked by salespeople. But when shopping for a TV cabinet the cabinetmaker mentioned that he'd bought a TV at Video Only on 82nd and the salespeople were very low key. So we decided to give the Hayden Island store a chance. Very, very suprised. We expected to have to deal with pushy obnoxious salesmen, but that was not the case at all. Nobody approached us for about 5 minutes. And then he was very low key, not clingy or pushy at all, and left us alone between answering questions and providing information. Much more professional than the baggy-wear-your-pants-halfway-down-your-butt salespeople at Best Buy. No, I don't work at Video Only or know anyone who works there or have any other connection to VO. Only caveat is return policy -- don't buy unless you are sure, they offer in-store credit only. Prices are lower than Best Buy. The same tv was $200 less at VO.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Made up policies – I purchased a TV at the Video Only in Beaverton, OR. At the time of purchase I specifically asked about their "guaranteed price" policy. I was told that if I found the same item anywhere for less than I paid I would get the difference in price refunded to me. I specifically asked the next question, whether that included online stores and was told "Yes". Well, today I found a cheaper price, contacted the Beaverton store, spoke with the person who sold me my TV that "anywhere" only meant non-online stores. Being a bit surprised at this definition of "anywhere", I mentioned my conversation with him, and of course the indignation! The implication that I would ever accuse him of dishonesty (which of course I had to explain I didn't do), but my advice is: get EVERYTHING from these people in writing, all the details of their refund policy, return policy, price guarantee policy, all of it.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Wow, very very bad!! – Let me say first off that the five star rating from previous post can only come from a Video Only manager after noticing the terrible reviews (which are all very well supported).

They mention that their return policy is outstanding without giving any details. Go to their store and ask about their return policy: 30 days in store credit. I cannot think of any stores who has such policy anymore.

We went there because circuit city did not have a perticular model in stock. Video Only had it at the same price, so we were ready to purchase. At the register, the salesperson told us about the return policy, we ran out and decided to drive to the other circuit city where at least we could return the TV for cash!

Anyways, this place is worse than a car dealership. The salesmen wait by the door for their turn to get a customer and do not know anything about their products. You know as soon as you entered that you made a mistake coming in, it s a big box full of nothing that will try to reap you off any way they can. STAY AWAY.

over a year ago

Knowlegable, Courteous and Negotiable – I had researched the LCD Sony TV which I wanted and had been at Circuit City where the salesperson was very knowledgeable. I gave an offer but the Circuit City manager refused it, although he hinted at acceptance if I would purchase the extended warranty and used their credit. I decided to wait and do more research on the internet. I found one at PCMall but they were "out of stock" (a lost leader). Decided I could live with the Circuit City price. Drove past Circuit City with son toward Video Only just to compare prices eyeball to eyeball, rather than internet. Walked in and casually stopped in front of the Sony model I wanted. Salesman came over and gently asked if we needed help. I pointed to 3 Sony's side by side and asked about technical details, most of which I knew about from the Circuit City salesman. Video Only salesperson was right on. Not pushy. Got into great conversations about gaming with my son. I finally pointed at the TV price tag and said, "what's the best deal you can give me". On way to his office, we chatted more about general things. He came back with a sales price $140 lower than the "sale" price of Circuit City. Return policy is excellent. I could not ask for more: received knowledge, personal attention, and walked away a happy consumer. Lesson learned: keep an open mind when buying electronics and ask for another salesperson until you feel comfortable (if there is one). Don't just walk out the door. Video Only - Jantzen Beach: there is one big salesperson who has 14 years with Video Only and great person.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Good Prices, Poor sales people with used car mentality – I thought that perhaps the sales people at video only would know what was what seeing as they only sell tv's and audio equipment. I went in last week to listen to a set of speakers and the salesman that was helping me was the biggest jackA$$ I have ever experienced (outside of circuit city). I informed him that it was impossible to hear what a set of speakers sounded like in stereo if they were on opposite sides of the aisle. "oh?" so what does he do, cranks the volume up to an uncomfortable that helps. I told him they speakers sounded tight and and very bright , here, let me turn a subwoofer on. WTF? dude. I finally said "these speakers honestly don't sound that good to me". His reply, "that's too bad, I sell alot of them". Excuse me for having listened to several different speakers before coming into your store.

Seriously folks, if sales people can't give you solid advice in the store and help you make an INFORMED decision, why even bother going to the store? Why not just sit at home, read professional reviews on the internet and then just buy it online and have it shipped to your door? Avoid jantzen beach and the retards at video only all together.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Avoid these guys and their mentally disabled salespeople – Two experiences with Video Only jump to mind.

I once bought a Panasonic VCR there that would just eject about 90% of my tapes, refusing to play them. I returned it within the 14-day period on the invoice, but the first salesman I encountered upon entering the store started telling me that I had to take it to a local repair facility. He refused to accept the return until I pointed out that I was returning it within the 14 days as stated on the invoice, he then had to go get his manager, who then accepted the return. That same salesman had the nerve to say "Is there anything else I can help you with?" before I left the store. What a retard.

More recently, I went there to ask a few questions about buying a receiver. Their salespeople know nothing. I was asking this fat kid about receivers, specifically if they had anything that would provide a pre-amp for my poor old turntable. The kid says, "This one here has RCA jacks, that should work" (while pointing me toward this one off-brand receiver he kept returning to), but I pointed out that there was no real phono input, and I would have to buy a separate pre-amp to use it. "Yeah! Why dontcha do that!" he said. What a dope. I also inquired about whether I could use an A/V receiver with just two speakers for now, adding speakers later as I could afford & wire for them. He insisted that what I needed was an entire system with at least four speakers, and kept trying to sell me one.

So obviously, their salespeople are mostly complete fools. The only way I would ever buy anything there is under the condition that I knew exactly what I wanted before going there, and that their price beat those of Circuit City and CompUSA, both within walking distance.

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