12th Street Gym

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12th Street Gym
12th Street Gym

Reviews for 12th Street Gym

12th Street Gym

A small and usually crowded pool, but it feels like a vacation when you count that they also have a sun deck.

8 months ago

I joined the 12th Street Gym 2 weeks ago and continue to be surprised by the positivity of staff and members. I moved to Philadelphia from Austin, Texas for work so I only knew the four people in my office. When I entered the gym, Cynthia, the receptionist, welcomed me with a smile and set me up with a tour. While I waited for my tour she spoke with me about the classes available and amazing hours of the gym. Right away I was excited to begin my free 3 day trial. When my tour guide, Laura, walked up to me, she welcomed me with a wide smile and handshake. I guess I can tell you now that I am not the most physically fit so I was incredibly nervous and excited to visit the gym.

Laura walked me though all of the rooms and levels of the gym (there are many), she introduced me to a few of the personal trainers, and took the time to figure out which membership would be most cost effective for me. I decided to join without using the 3 day trial because of the tour and cost alone. It has now been 2 weeks and I am actively attending the gym 5 days a week! The group fitness classes are amazing!!!! I told myself I would attend at least 2 a week and I have now lost 6 lbs thus far. I am not the kind of person who likes to use tanning beds (nothing against it, just not for me) so when Laura told me there was a Sun Deck I was thrilled. I love to lay out after class. I have made many friends in these past two weeks and gained so much confidence! Bottom line... This gym is amazing, the staff and instructors are so gratuitous, and Philadelphia is an amazing city!!!!!!

Thank you 12th Street :)

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Today, I met my lift partner in CC and at the 12 Street Gym. I travel a lot so I am in and out of gyms all over America-mostly Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and DC. I am kind of a "gym rat" and I am gay so I get the concept this is in the gayborhood. My home gym is LA Fitness and my membership is 37.00 per month- that will be important later on as I write this!

I got into CC from King of Prussia and tried to park-forget it! So I paid to park- that cost me 21.00! DO NOT illegally park the meter maids are real scum bags and parking ticket fines are over the top!!

I walk in and get my day pass-the guy behind the counter tells me "20.00" so already I have spent 41.00! I COULD HAVE WORKED OUT AT LA FITNESS FOR A MONTH! Most guest passes at a gym run between 5.00 and 10.00-recently, a Gold's gym let me in to lift because of a Military, Police, Fire Dept discount-not this place! So, the "gay tax" is alive and well! I was told that if I was in a hotel the price was 12.00- that's still 2.00 more than most places!

The lobby is well done but that is where it ends. The locker room is small and crowded. The showers were dirty and looked like homeless people had been using them. I am a big one for a clean gym due to the fact Staph Infection is common is dirty gyms-among other illnesses which thrive in heat and dirt.

This is an old old building- I have seen buildings like this before in other older city centers- it makes working out hard. They have equipment scattered all over the place and several rooms. The equipment in this place is well used! It is not equipment you will find in LA Fitness, Golds, Anytime Fitness, or other major gyms which cater to a more serious crowd who go to the gym and really do work out.

I began upstairs in cardio. The tred mill I was on was toward the front. The wall in front of me was covered in spider webs. The tred mill fans on my machine were coated in grit. This tred mill would not raise up. Clearly, cleaning this place is not high up on their priority list.

I went down stairs and began to lift- I was in this gym for 3 hours (trying to get my 20.00's worth!). I get the concept this is a gay gym- and it comes with it's own set of demons. This is your typical "gayborhood crowd." Not the sort who REALLY GO TO WORK OUT-some were even checking their grinder accounts and just sitting on equipement. Just a heads up.

The steam room, is down stairs and when I went in I was taken back by the fact they had a folding chair in it-I thought to myself "REALLY!!" The dry sauna was a mess with news papers all over it.

I was in the gym during the storm (Sandy). It was cold outside cause "Sandy" was a Nor-Eastern. In one room it was really warm and I had a good sweat going. I went in to another room and they had fans going and it was freezing! It was not only annoying but I shut them off so I did not catch a cold. I did not stay in this area long.

A there are NO drinking fountains in the work out areas and no hand cleaner or machine cleaning products anywhere-nobody was using towels to wipe things down at all. This is a serious health issue for a gym which is us not really clean to begin with.

So, if you are in Philly to visit and wanna work out-avoid this place. It is way over priced for what you will get. Even then, you may get more than you ask for if you get Staph from the dirty conditions of this place. I would say, just skip working out, go to a club, or place to eat and take the time off. So to in summery, it is over priced, no parking and dirty with old equipment in the gayborhood. Locals probably like it due to a lack of options-but not the sort of place you should go if you are serious about training and good health.

over a year ago

Concerning the Two Reviews Below – The author of the two critical reviews below was asked to leave 12th Street Gym after harassing both customers and instructors.He frequently sat in the rear of Spinner Bike Cycling classes and commented on instructor and participant performance while making notes.It was clear that his motives were a mix of attention-getting and control. At first management attempted to be supportive and responsive to the issues he raised but, after careful consideration of his input, it became clear that his true intent was simply disruption. After numerous member complaints, his membership was cancelled and his membership payment refunded. 12th Street pays very close attention to safety in all aspects of its operation and has Spinner Bike Cycling instructors well-known for their competence throughout Center City. Our Group Fitness Director (Kristin Noblette) is recognized as one of the very best in the Region. We are proud of our spotless safety record having had zero injuries in our classes in the last 17 years.

Rick Piper


The 12th Street Gym, Inc.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Management Does Not Care About You – I joined 12th Street Gym in 2001, fresh out of college and new to the Center City area. I loved the space, the constant cleaning, the vast array of options. I loved this gym so much I was thrilled to get a part-time gig instructing Spinning and martial arts there in 2010.

In my 10 years as a member/instructor, I only once sought out management assistance, and it was in September of this year when I could no longer stand to hear my class members and friends talking about the utter crap that was passing as Spinning class, and the blatantly dangerous movements some instructors were asking their classes to perform. I'm not the gym-goer who goes ballistic when you are on the treadmill for more than 30 minutes, who narcs on you for not wiping down machines, or who complains about how the basketball court is reserved five days in a row for dodge ball leagues. However, I AM the type of member/instructor who is a safety freak, and who cannot stand by quietly while knowing that my friends, who pay hundreds of dollars a year to go to the gym, are put at increased risk for both acute and long term injury.

I heard stories of backs, necks, and hips hurting after Spinning classes. And I witnessed firsthand in a number of classes just how these injuries were possible. Seriously, how can you hurt your neck riding a stationary bike? Well, when your instructor never teaches you how to set up your bike properly, when you are instructed to ride up impossibly steep hills and through impossibly fast cadences that are nothing more than your weighted wheel carrying your legs around, all the while with no hands on the handle bars or doing bizarre half-push ups on the handlebars, apparently a neck injury is very much possible.

So I brought my concerns of safety, liability, and bike maintenance to the attention of gym management. And what did the gym do in response? Posted signs telling members it's up to them to not do things that seem unsafe (are all members cycling certified? because that's the only way that the gym should assume members know what is safe and unsafe), changed the name of the class from Spinning to Spinner Bike Cycling, and fired me. Way to deal with a problem.

Find yourself a gym that actually does care about your health and well-being. This one certainly doesn't.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Very Poor Safety Standards – As a professional Sports Scientist I work primarily in the field of sports injury rehabilitation but I also do consultancy work on fitness facility standards. I was a member of 12th Street Gym, Philadelphia for over a year and there are some positive aspects to the whole operation. However, I have given the one star review because of the exceptionally low safety standards in some of the group fitness classes and the lamentable approach of the staff, management and owner to address this. I recently highlighted the lack of safety present in many of the Spinning classes in that several of the instructors were teaching contraindicated/unsafe techniques. With regards to Spinning and indoor cycling, these are techniques, which instructors are specifically taught not to use during the certification course. A standard list of the contraindicated techniques can be found on the official Spinning website. Also, after discussion that I have had with Mad Dogg Athletics (the owner of the Spinning trademark), it transpired that 12th Street Gym is not actually licensed to use this trademark or hold Spin classes.

In the classes that I took, more than 90% of them included contraindicated techniques in addition to some of the most unprofessional practices I have ever observed in my career. In one class, Mr. Michael Marshall instructed members to do the 'Macarena' while pedaling at a high cadence, thus having both hands off the handlebars for extended periods. In a more recent class he got off of his bike at one point to draw 'smiley' faces in the steamed up mirrors of the studio and was therefore not supervising the class at all. Mr. Marshall had also previously admitted to me that he knew these techniques were likely to increase the risk of injury, but he did them anyway because other teachers were too. In another class instructor Ms. Selina Rosario "taught" the class from one of the class bikes and not the instructor bike, which is out in front facing the class. This essentially meant that she was facing away from the class for the majority of the time and as if that wasn't bad enough, she had her hood up and her hands in her pockets periodically throughout the class. To address this issue I met with the Group Fitness Director, Ms. Kristen Noblette, who incidentally is one of the instructors that use contraindicated techniques in her class. She accused me of "nit-picking" when I highlighted the lack of safety and went on to give me about six excuses as to why the safety standards were low.

My attempt to improve safety standards has led to hostility from other members towards me to the point one of them, Mr. Curtis Carson, made a racially offensive remark based on the fact that I am an immigrant to the United States. I then highlighted this to the General Manager, Mr. Frank Baer, but nothing was done about my complaint. Also, after seeing no improvement in the classes I followed up with an e-mail to Ms. Noblette and was subsequently told by Mr. Baer that my approach was too "aggressive" and that I was to have "no more communication with management, staff, instructors, or members." This is a violation of my member rights. In some recent classes that are still using unsafe techniques I did not participate in those aspects and instead sat on the saddle and pedaled the bike. I then received an e-mail from Mr. Baer stating, "Please either take our classes to participate, or do not attend....", after I was observed not complying with the teacher's instructions, even though there is clear signage throughout the gym stating that it is at the member's discretion to not do what they are asked to do in a class if they are uncomfortable with it. After all of this I decided to contact the business owner, Mr. Rick Piper to highlight the continuing lack of safety and almost immediately my membership was terminated. There is a critical lack of accountability at 12th Street Gym if they simply terminate the membership of anyone who criticizes them.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Dirty and Unprofessional – The gym has no Positive Energy!!!

Bad environment and dirty.

It seems everyone hates their job.

The employees hang out in the cafe or in the locker-room talking.

This gym is so unprofessional.

Shop around and say no to 12th Street.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

just say no – got harassed multiple times for being fat. lots of pretty boys going to show off ..... more a place to pick up guys on guys and if you're not into dudes and your fat it's like high school. had to go toe to toe with a guy in locker room till he backed down.

weird place

and the pool is DIRTY

over a year ago

Great gym for the price - huge, clean, lots of equipment /classes. Very reasonably priced.

over a year ago

GREAT VALUE – I've been a member here for a long time. A lot of other gyms have opened and some have closed but these folks keep making the place better. Really like the many services in the same buildling and a very cool class choices. Only sun deck I can find at a gym and maybe it's my "thing" but the place is truly clean. I went to the Sporting Club twice ona free pass--it was not nearly as clean. Can't beat it even if it did cost more.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

12st Gym needs to work on their Customer Serivce – I recently was charged a late fee for a charge that was 2 days late. I unintentionally made this error and as soon as it was brought to my attention I paid the balance in full. When I called to have the late charge assessed I was passed to 4 different people, none of which were willing to bend on this fee. This is my third year being a 12th Street Gym member, meaning I have spent over $1300 with them as a member, yet they would not budge on a $10 charge. To me this is ridiculous especially since it was an accident and was only 2 days. when speaking with the manager asking for this he was rude and made insinuations regarding my personal life and my timeliness with bills, which were assumptions and had nothing to do with my 12th Street Gym Membership. This is not the first time I have had to deal with the management staff and always they are unwilling to work with me or to help me out in any way as a loyal customer. I am moving very nearby but will travel to go to the gym just not to give these jerks my business. POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IF YOU ASK ME.

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