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Fm 529 Animal Hospital

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Reviews for Fm 529 Animal Hospital

Doesn't Recommend
5 months ago

Worst human being ever to own a vet clinic. Rude! Does not love animals! Is only in it for the money! There was a dog that was hit on 529 in front of the welding shop. I happened upon this poor animal while driving to Kroger. The dog was still alive so I stopped traffic and someone who worked at the welding shop loaded him up in his truck. This clinic is literally right across from the scene. The vet yelled at the 2 of us for bringing trash into his office, said he does not do business for free (which we did not even ask, we just asked if he could help) I offered to pay for the dog to be put down and he said it would cost over $400 (I have dogs, I know that cost is not realistic). He would not contact anyone for help for us. He didn't even come out from behind his counter to check on the poor suffering animal. One of his vet techs took him to Barker Cypress Animal Clinic on Barker Cypress and Tuckerton(my wonderful vet clinic). I am not sure if the dog made it, but this vet did nothing to help him with his suffering. Spread the word, this man should not be in business

7 months ago

I brought my 11 year old dog here because he had all the signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure. I was initially caught off guard that I had to pre-pay for an exam. I told the receptionist that I came in because I thought my dog had CHF, so I'm sure I will have to pay for medicine later. I didn't understand why I needed to pay first rather than paying for the entire bill at the end. After the exam he suggested x-rays for another $300 which I again had to go up to the front and pay for before he would complete them. He completed the x-ray and showed me the images of my dog’s enlarged heart and lungs, and excess fluid in his belly. Still, he suggested more treatment, such as a heart worm test, saying the heart and lung condition could be unrelated. I told him I am very knowledgeable about congestive heart failure and I know that the swollen lungs is from the blood pooling back into them because the heart isn't pumping efficiently. He said that "could be a possibility", and said he would prescribe an antibiotic and something to get rid of the fluid. I asked if he was prescribing Lasix, a diuretic, and he said yes. I told him it was the same thing as what humans take, and I could get it filled much cheaper at Walgreens if he would write the prescriptions for it and the Cephalexin. He claimed to be unsure if it was the same drug. (I am a pharmacy graduate, so if I know what congestive heart failure looks like and that the medicines were human medicines he should definitely have known). He wanted to charge me $47 for each medicine and it was only a 7 day supply. I could have paid 1/3 of the cost at Walgreens. I called Walgreens while I was in his office to ask the price for the two medicines. The Pharmacist on duty told me to tell him to write for 25mg of Lasix because it did not come in 12.5mg for humans, which I could break the scored pill in half to create a 12.5mg twice a day dose. He refused to write for 1/2 pill twice a day, saying it was against the law. I might have fallen for this if I was not familiar with pharmacy and prescription law. Furthermore he said he charges $15 dollars per prescription to write it if he doesn't fill it in his office. By the time I left out of there I paid $442 (swiping my card 3 times throughout the visit) for him to not even admit to the fact that my dog has CHF. Additionally, when I asked for the radiology report and x-rays I was told that will be a $15 fee for giving them to me. Needless to say I will get my report and x-rays tomorrow and I will not be back!!!! This Vet is only concerned about money.

Doesn't Recommend
10 months ago


They tell you your pet has worms so they can push meds and charge you more. He never wanted to show me the results of the test. Purchased puppy pack, but did not bring my pet back in the 3 month slot and they would not give me a refund (which I understand), but they would not even give me a credit. Not even when told they would lose my business. Seems like he is more worried about making money and not your pets care.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

THIS PLACE IS THE WORST!!! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE! we happened upon this place because we lived down the road, and we needed someone who accepted CARE credit- my husband lost his Job of 15 years, and we were on a VERY fixed income, due to living off of severance, and no promise for a new job- (we have since moved out of TX and he found a good job, but it was a scary for a bit there!) anyhow, our dog ended up with a terrible ear infection, and we did not have the money to treat it immediately, so i did what i could (natural remedies, etc) well to no avail, it only got worse, finally i had some room on my care credit, and contacted this place- explained our financial situation, they got us in right away, I explained our financial situation, and also explained that we needed heart guard, as we ran out and he was at risk- well he first told me that the two ear swabs that he had to do would be $40 each, and then, once he did them, he indeed found infection (DUH! it was very OBVIOUS, just by looking at his ears) once diagnosed, he gave me 2 prescriptions, a 4 oz. bottle of ear wash, charged me $40 AND a 15 gm tube of tri-otic $40- (YES FOLKS, $80 for meds that i found on Amazon for $25 total!) he also told me that he would not even give my dog the heart guard or the test, because his ears need immediate treatment, so again, my dog was without heart-worm preventative. I also must add, the whole time he was talking up his NEW CAT-SCAN machines that he was getting in a few weeks! (he needs to get a new office, first, it's AWFUL) when i was finished, i had 2 ear swabs done, 2 prescriptions and an office visit charge, and my total was OVER $220! when it sunk in that evening about the meds, i called the next day, it must have been his wife who answered- I was super nice, and stated that i think they might have made a mistake on the charge of the medications? i told her what i paid, she said that there was no mistake, and then i explained that i paid $13 at my last vet for the ear wash, and i also found them both on amazon for under $30 for BOTH- she responded with "We are allowed to charge any price we'd like with prescriptions, and that is what we charge!" so i told her that they are THIEVES, and i hung up- I was SO angry!!! this place is by far THE WORST, besides that it is DIRTY, and needs new floors and lots of updating! on the flip side, his vet assistants were AWESOME! they clipped his nails without the dr knowing for free and i could see that they knew he is a poor excuse, but a job is a job! just to finish it off, i just had THE best experience here in GA, My dogs' chronic ear infections are back, i took him in, he received 2 vaccinations, 2 ear cultures, 2 prescriptions, heart-worm test AND 6 month supply of heartguard and the dr even cleaned his ears and showed me the proper way to do so, and it was UNDER $220- PLEASE, i will say it again- DO NOT GO TO THIS VET-

over a year ago

After moving here from Florida and leaving our beloved vet of 20 years, we brought our dog here who was losing weight for no obvious reason. After having to sign a dozen "release forms" for things like "has your dog ever bit someone" and promising to pay, etc. The vet did a quick exam and I agreed to have my dog's blood drawn because I'm a nurse and knew it must be something metabolic. Well, $290.50 later, after getting back the test results, the vet said he thinks our dog had either leukemia or a lymphoma and wanted to start by doing several X-rays that would cost over $500. I KNOW that X-rays will usually not pick up a soft tissue tumor and that he was wasting mine and my dog's time. The front staff was not very sympathetic and after finding out it was his wife, I could see that all they were really concerned about was my $$$.

I found another vet soon after that who I'm very pleased with. (Blackhorse Animal Hospital).

Coincidentally, I was driving down 529 yesterday and saw 2 dogs at the end of their driveway, way too close to the busy road. I pulled in and the dogs ran under the deck. I went inside to ask if maybe they escaped from the kennels. The receptionist told me "no, the kennels are secure" and showed no concern that these dogs might get hit by a car if left out there, and said all they could do was call animal control and that they could not be responsible. I told her that I would be responsible if they could help me catch them! she said they couldn't, so I walked out and easily got the 2 sweet pups in my car. I quickly remembered why we have not brought our own FOUR DOGS' business there. How can you work at a vet and not have concern for an animal?

over a year ago

I definitely recommend this place.100++ they are absolutely great, the doctor (Dr. Ansari) is extremely experienced and gives the owner the right advise about their pet (cat or dog). The staff are very friendly and caring. The best / affordable prices. They advise (best out of best) you before-hand about the conditions of your pet.

Competitive Prices

Excellent Boarding Facility in and around Houston

Friendly Staff

High-Tech. Equipment

Care Credit Plan

You just don't get all these credits overnight, my honest opinion, this is the best facility you can get in that area of Houston. I had great experience every time I visit them. Keep up the good work Dr. Ansari and staff.

over a year ago

I do NOT recommend this place. I used to work there and they disrespected and lied to the employees. I was fired because of a possible medical condition. They also have a question on their application, asking if the applicant has a mental illness, which is illegal to have on there. They stack charge after charge during the examination and, when the doctor cannot perform all of the services pets' owners already paid for, he does not give a refund or even a partial refund. He lies to the pets' owners and, if the owners cannot pay, he begins to disrespect them. The only kind people that work at this establishment are the kennel help and the afternoon receptionist. The doctor and the morning receptionist (his wife) are rude and disrespectful. I refuse to bring my cat to them because I do not trust this business. If I could, I would call all of the clients that bring their pets to this hospital and tell them to never bring their animals here again. I feel strongly about what I say. DO NOT trust this animal hospital. This is coming from a former employee. STAY AWAY FROM THERE

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

TERRIBLE WANNA BE ANIMAL HOSPITAL! I joined this site just to be able to tell you STAY AWAY FROM FM 529 ANIMAL HOSPITAL! BE WARNED! ALL THEY WANT IS $$$$! Even the student there was scared of the vet and his wife (the receptionist)! The warnings are correct:

1st warning sign: they charge for the visit before actually examining your pet, then stack on charges while being seen.

2nd warning sign: they will change their tone as soon as they find out you have a regular vet

3rd warning sign: they will disregard all records you come in with and claim that the doctor previously seen is incorrect

4th warning sign: they will force you to sign a receipt that is separate from your invoice stating that there are no returns or refunds for services or items purchased before they give you your invoice!!!!!!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

DO NOT FALL PREY TO THESE VULTURES! At first, I was pleased with the examination of my new puppy and the prices of the service I received 4 weeks ago. On the first visit, the vet told me my puppy had both round worm and hook worm and offered one fix-it-all pill for $20 and another medicine that was way out of my price range. I was given a stern talking about how important it is to act now to prevent later. I told him that the owner of the puppy had given her a de-wormer and flea medicine a week before I picked her up. Since she had already had her de-wormer given one week prior, I didn't want to give her anything else for fear it would cause a side-effect. He insisted that if a vet didn’t give her the medicine, it didn’t count. I then doubted what the vet said he saw, as I had not seen any worms in her poo and haven't seen any in the last 4 weeks that I've had it. Today, I took her back for her second exam and set of shots. He didn't examine her at all. The nurse took her weight and temperature then he came in and gave her the shots and walked out of the room. He didn't ask me questions or ask if I had any concerns or questions. So, I asked the nurse if I could speak to the vet really quickly. I asked if he could check her again for worms before I gave her anything else. At this point he became agitated and snapped at me. He raised his voice telling me that he wasn't going to waste his time testing if I wasn't going to buy the de-wormer from him. I was caught completely off guard! I asked if I could come back for her last set of shots in a month and get a prescription for the 3 in 1 worm, tick, and flea chewable. He declined and said he wouldn't help anyone that didn't buy the medicine he offered. Now, I don't know what vet's make and I am far from an expert on that kind of work but I think this guy was completely out-of-line and his primary focus was on the green dollar and not the health of my puppy. If he doesn't want to help people that can't afford his overpriced worm medicines and at least bring him business by getting their shots, then I have no desire to take my puppy there again. Sadly, he just lost out an opportunity for another set of shots, rabies shot, and spay. I'll take my business elsewhere, find a vet that will treat me like a human being and give me the prescription I need to make sure I have a healthy animal. There was no need for his tantrum. I now firmly believe this place is a fraud and shouldn't be caring for pets.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Just Don't Care – I walked into this clinic with a stray dog I had just found hoping to get her scanned for a microchip. The receptionist at the front desk told me they did not have a microchip scanner but I didn't believe her for a second. What vet clinic does not have a microchip scanner? Do they not insert microchips? I work in a vet clinic and I know exactly what was going on. The receptionist did not want to be bothered if there was a microchip because it can be a little irritating to track down the owner's information. I get great joy out of helping reunite a lost dog with its owner obviously that receptionist does not and it reflects badly on the clinic.

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